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Hey there GCD <3
We finally have a new RIG, and we all know what that means... new shiny items, new artwork, new characters, and a new list =P
so, help me out here, before you open your new RIG, remember to take the time to see how it works, remember what option you choose, and what item and from who you got it, remember to post all that, it doesn´t matter if if the item its new or old, i´m going to make a complete list this time =P
please post a link to the marketplace next to the item´s name, not only the name, not only the link, thank you =D

About the Dark Reflection
When you open your Dark Reflection a random alternate version of a gaia character will appear. You will have the option to stop and receive an item or continue searching for Kanoko. Remember that the item pay outs for stopping at characters are random. There are 9 randomized character you can get, including: Rufus and Ian, Moira and Sasha, Ed, Lia and Gino, Father Nic, Agatha and Rina, Ivan and Meredith, Mysterious Man & Kanoko. If you get caught by the owner of the mirror he will automatically give you a (usually crappy) item. If you manage to find Kanoko she will give you a rare sometimes RIG exclusive item. Every time you continue searching you get closer to finding Kanoko, but you can always be stopped by the Mysterious Man.

If you want to know from wich Dark Reflection comes certain item, go to this thread, also post there what you got and from who!

Important: all the off-topic/spam its going to be reported, go to the Hangout thread if you want to talk about anything that is not related to the Dark Reflection or its items

Go and check: all the art in the Dark Reflection can be found here, and all the back poses for wigs/skins and I am poses can be found here.

-Dark Reflection Item List

-SDPlus Dolls

User Image
SDPlus #13 Johnny K. Gambino Doll
User Image
SDPlus #33 Vladimir Von Helson Doll
User Image
SDPlus #38 Labtech X Doll
User Image
SDPlus #39 Frank Doll
User Image
SDPlus #41 Nicolae Doll
User Image
SDPlus #100 Brennivin Doll
User Image
SDPlus #105 Cresento Doll
User Image
SDPlus #115 Mister Rufus
User Image
SDPlus #122 Hatsya Doll
User Image
SDPlus #123 Cygnus the Dark Star Doll
User Image
SDPlus #131 G-Corp Labtech Doll

-Anime related items

User Image
Orinkage Hurricane!
User Image
Dark Lady Soldier Sake
User Image
Future Lady Soldier Gari

-Counterpart items

User Image
User Image
User Image
Kanoko's Dark Reflection
User Image
Mister Rufus
User Image
User Image
Reverse Panda Hat
User Image
User Image
Alternate Moira's Top
User Image
Alternate Sasha's Skirt
User Image
Father Nicolae
User Image
User Image
Acid Teru Teru Bozu

Deluxe Flame clothe

User Image
Deluxe Flame Shirt
User Image
Deluxe Flame Pants
User Image
Deluxe Green Flame Shirt
User Image
Deluxe Green Flame Pants
User Image
Deluxe Blue Flame Shirt
User Image
Deluxe Blue Flame Pants

-Random items

User Image
User Image
Bacon Bits
User Image
Jack's Autohack
User Image
Cardboard Back Wings
User Image
Electric Plug Tail
User Image
Duct Tape Roll
User Image
L-01 Automaton buddy

[NEW section] -other items avaliable in this RIG

bunny slippers
SPLus Blind Box
Radio Jack
Dark Knight Fish
Mimi Kitty
Happy Capsule
Kitten Star
Bone Demon Mask
Burn Devil Horns
Oisins / Chuchip / Actaeon´s Blessing
blue satin vest
Gelato Supreme
dander 7th gen
Enchanted Book 10th gen
Musketeer Capes
Samurai Wig
Muskateer Tops
Dark Cape
Witch's Cape
Prom Dresses
Star Mascot Suit
Dark Knight Fish
Biancamella 6th
Limbs of Fury
Skipper's White/Black Coat
Gold / Blue / Red Spacefleet Uniforms
Nartian Star
Á la Fondue
Belted Pants
Vanilla / mint Buttercream Rose
Blue/pink Geisha Wig
White Neko Cosplay
Giant Ice Cream Scoop
Opal / Moonstone / Flourite Borealis
Red Wine Pimpin' Hat
Kuro´s induction
Native American Buffalo Headdress
Native American Chief Feather Headdress
Soldat Midnight Officer's Hat
Skull Biker Helmet Steel
Kiki Kitty Mascot Suit
Elegant Violet Satin Corset
Limbs of Fury
Keely the Whipped Creameranian
Zoku Inari's Beads (Yuki no Tama) & (Yugure no Tama)
Space Wars Tech
Fleece Black Cat Hat
Caribbean Jade Slinky Split Dress
Sprinkles Scarf
Ancient Naginata
Sol's Sunglasses
Raven Black Kachina's Dancer Wings
Star Suit Mascot
Everyone's Reprise
Joker Collar Red-black
Prince Antoine
Sad Vanilla ice cream
Stupendous Strawberry
Babe the Welsh Corgie
Galileo's Telescope
Moon / star Lantern
Single Horn
Kokutan / Tsurara / Matao the Demon Cat
Star Lantern
The Moon (Mewn Mew!
The Sun (OM NOM)
David Boa
Class / Orchid / Gold Headphones
Mythrill Coins (7k, 9k, 10k, 15k, 20k, 250k)

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You post these lists fast, don't you? XD
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You really are super fast at these XD
8D Vivian, you never fail to provide lists to help people like me see what's new and happening in the item side of gaia.
Wait, wha?
You made this probably before it came into the CS you're that fast XD
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How long have you had that prepared whee
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your quick vivian XD hope theres a qixter doll in this one
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You never fail to get these lists up and running do you >W>
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I am now excited....hopefully there is at least one epic item in this RIG opposed to the last one...

holly crap I see no announcement yet!!! gonk
can you see into the future!! eek

I'll check the marketplace.
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You really are super fast at these XD

But..theres no items..she just posted. Congrats on posting fast and working later 8D
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Bacon bits
Father Nicolae

and the flame shirt
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ready to open!

edit: Bundle of 9

1. Gaia-Sama
2. bacon bits
3. Biancamella 6th
4. electric plug tail
5. duct tape
6. duct tape
7. sad vanilla ice cream
8. pink geisha wig
9. The Moon
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You're good Vivan. I mean...Dang, I dub thee 'Quickdraw Vivan'.
I hope this 'dark' RIG goes better than the Nightmare Box. 3nodding
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Can't afford to buy one, and I am sure they rewards will be very much inflated.

E-Depression ensues.

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