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Dark Reflection 2: Y/N?

Yes 0.41612903225806 41.6% [ 129 ]
No 0.34193548387097 34.2% [ 106 ]
Did you know that if you say bloody mary into a mirror three times you'll see that I schtupped your mum 0.24193548387097 24.2% [ 75 ]
Total Votes:[ 310 ]
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hornworts's avatar

Manly Cub

Hey look, it's a new RIG! Remember how that recent dream RIG was a mix of Luna's Incense and Bitter Frost? Well, if you've ever wanted a mix of the Dark Reflection, Trickbox, and Incense, we've got a RIG for you!

Have you ever wanted to see the weird genderbended version of your favorite RIG character instead of like, you know, an alternate personality one like the original Dark Reflection? Also the RIG for you! Yes, you get to see what they'd be like if they were male, female, or some sort of yaoi child. Those Kaeden is pretty cool.

I expect the items to be plastic and unpopular if trends are correct and the RIG to have good odds if it really pays homage to the originals.


-Dark Reflection 2: Y/N?
-The Art?
-The Items?
-The Chances?
-Too many rehashes?
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Magic Pirate

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i had luck this time, so i say yes to this rig wink
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Questionable Bunny

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Items are the usual blandness so..you know..business as usual. I expected more evil counterparts to old rig items, but it just looks like the usual puddle deep horror items like every other time they've tried to make a scary rig.

The art is disappointing though. Dropping the "evil mirror world" from the first Dark Reflection for simple genderswapping. Which is a major let down after the first one. I mean, who wouldn't want to see an evil mirror universe version of Edmund, Louie, maybe the dark elves? aka the people they didn't include in the first one? Having it just be genderswapped C-List rig characters (a couple I dont even remember from their original rigs) is just wasted potential.
KaylaGalela's avatar

Beloved Lover

User ImageIt's probably too soon for me to decide, but so far I haven't seen much that interests me by way of items. The gender bending theme is a little too weird for me, but I guess some people like that.
I haven't played the RIG yet because I actually sold my advance chances yesterday, heh.

But I like the art, and most of the items are pretty nice. Huin Seulpeum is my favorite.

Purely because I got the Sly the Black Fox which is my favourite RIG pet ever. heart heart
I also like the little sister item 3nodding
Pnyuu's avatar


this is an amazing rig. plenty of items that I want. some cheap
Wrenry's avatar

Partying Poster

Yes. For the horror/urban legend themed items and the Gender Bending. Friday. Gorgeous. Frederick. Will never be able to look at Frederika without busting a gut.
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Heroic Lunatic

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I'm digging it.
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Scholarly Storyteller

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I got something useful out of it, soooooo *thumbs up*

I would've loved to see gender bends of Gaia's more main NPCs though *thinks of Gina x Meimei*. I guess the CI-characters-only thing allows artists more freedom of design though.
Under The Darkness's avatar

Obsessive Lover

User Image

The reason I loved the original Dark Reflection is what it showed what the characters would be like as their opposite. It gave hilarious twists and items that went with the theme.
This RIG threw that out the window and just changed the sex of everyone. It is not halloween-y at all due to this and that leaves me sorely dissapointed. It really seems out of place with the items as well, which focus on an entirely different theme. Its like there was two unfinished ideas and they just went '******** it, let's merge them'.
Item wise, I guess its okay. I mean, I like at least two of the items. I mean, not only is there actually an urban legend in the mix that I like but the Corpse Bride reference made me smile a little. But its honestly hard to enjoy the items as much as I know I want to when the RIG itself leaves me with such a bad taste.

User Image
Morgue's avatar

Tiny Puppy

Definitely do not like this RIG simply because I'm either getting old fails worth around 15k or I'm getting the same damn fails from this current one. I mean, do I really need FIVE of the Devil's Sonata? Ugh. I know it's a chance item, but it sucks when you get little variety in prizes. User Image
Audio Dragon's avatar


Nope. Another 90% female targeted RIG.
Lil Red Panties's avatar

AoiKakesu's Husband

Fashionable Friend

I like the items, art and I had good chances with this one.

Hate the 'story' of the RIG and I'm not fond of the style of the RIG (no games, just a few clicks).

I would say yes though! biggrin Nice new stuff!
Shadowolf~Forever's avatar

Tipsy Shapeshifter

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I didn't get anything I would use, and I got a couple items I already had(like jacks autohack). :/

The art was alright and I like how it was fairly straightforward(get a character and claim prize).

But over all, not happy with the items.

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