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I've had the medium skin tone forever now (tone c I think) And I find it very easy to work with! Any other skin tone just looks wrong on my avatar now sweatdrop Unless it's a completely different color for non-human avatars.
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I don't really like any of the human skins. My base skin is the blue dark elf, and it's been that way since they originally came out.
But, before the elf skin came out I was one of the lighter tones. They do seem easier to work with.

Male avatars are hard! I've tried, and I can't do it. They never turn out well.

My favorite gold shop eyes are Vivid eyes, and my favorite eyes overall are the one's I have on, the Oisin.
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Doting Humorist

      ✦ all skin tones work for me
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Fashionable Shapeshifter

My avi skin base is D
Yeah it is a little hard especially if going for a certain look, it can come off as abnormal looking, but I will feel wrong if my avi skin color is not the same as mines, so I just keep it. Plus it is fun trying to find items that complement my avis skin color.
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I don't know which skin is my avatar base O A O
but I love my current avi
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User Image

I like my white skin I can't stand to use any other type :S
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I like the marble skin from Masterpieces and Consume from Death Whisper. I like both white and black skins. They enhance the colors in my outfit because they don't clash.

I don't like mouths. I don't usually want to put expressions on my avi's face. As for the eyes my favorite is Crimson Cross from Masterpieces because they're huge and red.

Both body types are okay but the female base's arms look pathetic when I put armor on or if I equip a handheld weapon; and the male's legs don't look good in some shoes.
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Demonic Bookworm

I use blue.
Before that, my avatars were covered had to toe.
... I like skins, don't usually set and sit on one alone but I guess lighter tones might allow for more combos/ diverse looks.
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Friendly Cultist

I used to have dark bases strictly but used the superior form item to change to a lighter tone. I like the contrast that certain makeup, face and skin items have on dark skins and light skins.
I've abandoned my dark skin for the lightest vampire skin from last year since it's practically white. I do miss the dark skin though. It would make colors kind of blend and be lovely sometimes which I adored.
i love white skin too bad i dont like wasting 4m gold for one skin pose.. better off using masterpieces in my opinion
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As a dark-skinned Dark Elf, I must admit that Gaia favors the pale folk over those of us with deeper tones.

Half the face mods are rendered unusable with my ashen complexion. emo

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Hm I don't much like skins that are too strongly coloured, like the blue elf skin. It limits my colour pallet. I also find darker skin harder to work with specific colours that I like. That said, I enjoy using more manly items on my male avatar with dark skin. It sometimes adds a more intense air.

I generally like using purple, yellow or orange eyes. They tend to be very interesting to match.
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Aged Gearhead

I use human tone D. I don't have too many problems with it.

I rarely use a different skin. I think the last time I tried something lighter was when Anitpathy finished. I ran around with the skinny elf skin for a few days. It was all right but I missed my lovely dark skin.

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