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I know tone c is nowhere near the darkest, but it has some challenges too.
It's just at that point where some make-ups/faces look bad.
Also, if I want cleavage I have to find something with cleavage because the Secret Retreat bodies don't look right on tone c! The light barely shows, and the dark looks scary. ;w;
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Absolutely! stressed

I have a couple of very dark mademoiselles (and a couple of gentlemen) I'd like to add to my roster of character avatars, but it's so hard to give them their skin details because they're designed with paler pixels in mind. One of my fair maidens also needs a bodybuilder physique, but that's a whole 'nother bucket of fish.

I'm referring to things like the torso musculature in the Secret Retreat. It gives a pale avatar some definition, but on the darker ones it looks more like they've been drizzled with icing. The highlights are too bright to work with the dark tones.

*Slight disclaimer, I've only tried these in tektek thus far while planning, so I could be failing the fail of a thousand fails.
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I know tone c is nowhere near the darkest, but it has some challenges too.
It's just at that point where some make-ups/faces look bad.
Also, if I want cleavage I have to find something with cleavage because the Secret Retreat bodies don't look right on tone c! The light barely shows, and the dark looks scary. ;w;

The two I get most disappointed over is tone C and (I think) D. The two darker spectrum ones in the default pallettes.

If they were custom 'non-human' shades I'd understand but on the human bases it's a bit depressing.
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I can't work with avatars that are too light or too dark.. I prefer tan to medium dark, unless the dark elf skin counts as dark as tone E?
I love the dark elf skin! But I can only use some items with that skin.. Tan seems to be easier for me to work around.. too light and everything just looks "wrong" to me xP
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User ImageI cant use the majority of the make-ups because I only use the DW skin and they tend to show up funny. I can use a few individual pieces that are just the black lipsticks tho. Any other lipstick looks weird.
Also some eyes look really weird on this skin so I cant use many of those sad
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A-F tones are best tones.

Male base is best to work with for most avis (it actually holdes items and has feet)

Female base has best head and female figure (it better)

For making male avis (my actual gender) I prefer the 2nd darkest skin tone, which looks most like my IRL skin tone and is the easiest to match on the site.

When I make female avis, tones A-C work best, because they are the easiest to match with female items.

Darkest skin tone is hardly ever used, except when I make Red Kutai avis o3o
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I've had skin tone C since I can remember, so I've gotten used to making avis with a slightly darker skin tone. I switched the other day, though, to make an ice-queen avi and was unbalanced by the whole thing. e.e It seemed so odd. So light colored (I used tone F). However, it was easier for certain items to match the skin tone, especially pinks and yellows.

I'm thinking of switching back and forth but I'm really attached to my current skin tone. Unless they come out with a really good makeup item that just doesn't work for darker skins, I'm not going to switch, I think.
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To be honest, I have nothing against any type of skins, whether it be light, dark, or another species. However, I agree with you that there are some items or poses that doesn't match well with the dark skins (I don't have a dark-skinned unless you want to come a light dark-skinned. >>; However, I did tektek some when trying to make NPC for my guild.)

Take for example, that bust pose from Shadowland. It looks well with light skinned, but when equips to dark skinned, it looks like the avi is wearing a tattoo or have some sort of skin issue. >>;

Like I said before about the skins, I have no favor on body type. However, I kinda wish Gaia made some masculine clothes or body types for the guys. It seems unbalance as we keep getting more feminine clothes.

And sorry, no favors on the mouth and eyes. sweatdrop
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I think a lot of the makeup looks really weird with skin tone D too. :X I really like the pink lips from Strawberry Sundae Sweets... on other avatars. So much no for me (and like an idiot I always try to use it regardless). In general, I really don't like any of the pastel items on this skin tone either.
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I used to work with the lightest shade of skin tone we had cause it was so easy. But then I changed to the one I have now, which is tone C I believe. I prefer it much better now since it is harder to work with. But I could never work with a darker tone, my skills aren't that great and I just hate attempting to accommodate for it.

A majority of avatars I see in the forums do tend to favor the lighter skin tones if they're not using a skin mod. It's something I've noticed for quite awhile now. So the little dashes of darker skin tones are very, very welcomed because you know that particular person worked hard to make it appealing.
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With a lot of darker or non-light skintones some makeup, eye, and face mods create weird pixels that show up ono
Kind of annoying
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User ImageUser Image
♥ ♥

I actually don't change my skin much at all. I usually always use my
white body dye because it's just a preference. Before I had it I did like
the palest human tone possible.. then changed the gender and ended
up with something else I've been too lazy to change because well..
it's never visible so I don't really care. XD

Recently I was messing around with some dark elf skin types on tektek
because I've been getting back into Skyrim and have become obsessed
with elves as always.. but I can't make the change. It's just too odd for
me to want to change it. Especially something drastic like that. I also
thought it would have been cute if I could be a dark elf since that is
the base my boyfriend uses.. but.. I like my white body dye so xp

I changed from male to female because after a long time of struggling
with how annoying the bulky male base was, I figured I could suck it
up and just deal with have small boobs on my avatar while still getting
the slim effect I wanted all along. As for favorite eyes and mouths..
I tend to always use the Runcible Spoon eyes. I really like the blue
one. >u< And mouth.. I don't really care much.. I usually just have
Hazmat Butterfly lips that come with my makeup. I like the regular
Sundae Sweets too.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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I'm rather in love with the soft gray kinda half dead coloring the vampires got going on. The only color that doesn't look good on the base is white.
I normally stick to the light skintone, and thats mainly because its the one I've had the longest and I'm very use to working with.

I cannot handle the male base at all! Every time I try to just looks horrible unless I use a set. ><

What I would like to see (and this idea came off a petition) is silver tattoos. They would be so very amazing on the darker skinned bases. I think I'm going to head to tektek and see what I can come up with for skin tone E now.
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I can work with most skin tones, I think. Though darker skin tones can be harder if you want to use makeup. The majority of makeup items on this site seem to have been made with light-skinned avatars in mind, with the makeup either not showing up well on dark skin or not blending well.

I don't change skin tone too often. Originally I used a light tone, matching my real life skin. Then the dark elf potion (the blue one) came out and I had that for a while. Then I was bored and wanted a change and got my current skin tone. A few days ago I wanted to do a cosplay of my OC and went back to light skin for a while, but changed back to this one when I wanted to do a different outfit. After all this time using this skin tone, the light ones just look TOO light. cat_rofl
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I love my current skin tone to pieces. Bright colors pop, vibrant colors glow, and it's seriously a yummy tone.

There are some issues, though. For example, some makeups and eyes just don't look right on it. They have a funky outline that were intended to make it blend in with the lighter skintones. Also, any muscle tones, like in Secret Retreat or Shadowlegend, look odd too. They're either too pale or too subtle.

I've rarely gone lighter than C tone, though, and that was always for a short period. The pale skins are pretty, I suppose, but they don't really do much for me.

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