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So basically, I made a race thread! Or rather a skin tone thread, oh lol

Ignoring all RL here, "Are lighter tone avatars easier to make avis for?"

"Somewhat" I would say!

The hardest avatars to work with, IMO, are ones with the Tone "E" skin.
Make-up doesn't sit right and most hairs with shades or streaks look super funky. On the flip side though, when the avatar is "too light" blushing starts to look more like sunburn and darker hairstyles look "unnatural".

...And the dark elf skins don't seem to click with me. I haven't permanently change my avatar's skin or body in a good, 3-4 years. This base seems just right for me! It's in that perfect middle where where blushing and make-up look right, and shades don't look like a bad dye job.

So GCD, are their skin tones you can't seem to use? Have you tried many of them?
What about body types? Males bodies vs Female bodies.
What's your favorite mouth? Eyes?

I just made peanut butter Granola bars for the 1st time ever! They taste like sex!
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The ice skin on the Uncanny Form annoys me because it seems to make your avatars cheeks puffier. A small but irritating detail.
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The ice skin on the Uncanny Form annoys me because it seems to make your avatars cheeks puffier. A small but irritating detail.
Wow, I just noticed that!
Light Spirit does that a bit
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Your Blushing Paladin
The ice skin on the Uncanny Form annoys me because it seems to make your avatars cheeks puffier. A small but irritating detail.
Wow, I just noticed that!
Light Spirit does that a bit
It can't be unseen!
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Tone E is kind of hard. I use it every once and a while, and when I do, I find using default mouths are the way to go. It does give the avi a simple kind of charm, though. Light Spirit does do something weird to the cheeks. o.O The last different skin I used was the new vampire skin, and while I appreciated the idea of being able to use lighter face mods, the extra toning and that grey brown color just didn't work for me. Guess I'm just used to good old tone D.
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I dunno. I've used some odd body colors before. XD

But then, my goal isn't so much character as it is color. o3o;

I personally like using the white or black skins. Sometimes if I feel like it, I will use my avatar's "natural" skin.

Male avatars are just a no.

My fave eyes are the chu ones from the gold shop with the black mascara from masquerade.

But yeah, I'm willing to try any skin and if I can make it work more than once, I'll usually keep in just in case I want to start with that color again.
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Yes and no. As you said, makeup and hairstyles are less likely to "work" for me. There are certain colors like the currently popular shade of navy that look a little more flat against my base than on others. However, there are perks. For example, crisp white looks better on darker skins. I personally think very pale skintones can't pull off Juno's Lace; you lose a lot of the detail because the white blends in with one's pasty complexion. But god damn does it look gorgeous on darker tones.

Another upside is that darker, richer colors look better on darker, richer skintones. Really, the only reason dark skins are more difficult to work with is because the current color trends favor pale pastels and mid-tones. Intense colors like magenta, emerald, ruby red, royal blue, turquoise, goldenrod, tangerine, etc. look amazing. We just need to start having more of that mixed in with the mint and cream and toothpaste pink/blue.
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Absolute straight up black is hard to work into a character. I usually use the Death Whisper pose, so it is inky.

Most eyes and mouths look like they're floating. Especially the eyes because many are outlined with black... it makes most avi's look gimlet-eyed.
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When I first joined Gaia I picked the lightest skin tone, likely because I myself am terribly pale. Despite its faults I stuck with it, and haven't felt the need to change things up. Same story with the female base, though with a username like mine having a male avatar would be a little jarring. While I'm not sure if I could work well with a male base (it'd definitely require some getting used to), I think I could pull off the darker tones if I changed.

As for mouths and eyes...not a big fan of most of the base mouths, honestly. This one and the smallest neutral mouth are the only two I use outside of items. Base eyes are overall much more appealing to me. I like the Chuu, Fierce, Kirei, Vivid, and Inquisitive styles.
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Well I know I can't deal with normal bases anymore. They're too bulky.
But the vampire one has a face that seems too long.
Haven't tried alot of make up items. But I know using the gold tattoos on the lightest skin tone never really looked that great. But on the second darkest, it's like magic emotion_kirakira .
Course I mostly used it on the platinum skin from the MC. Wonder if it still layers that way...
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I can't work with The darkest tone. I guess I'm just that incompetent at avatar making. As for multiple skins, I don't think I've tried anything aside from the skin I'm using.
As for body types, I prefer the male base. It seems easier to work with in my opinion, even wih the lack of manly items.
The mouth, I really like sharktooth, it was nice of someone to give me it.
And for eyes, I usually use Oculus Mythica or some kind of eye covering
(shades, glasses, etc.) I just can't seem to make a decent avatar with the gold shop eyes anymore.
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Yeah, I'd say so. But that's only because pale (or the pure white I use) is neutral and can be mixed into any avatar, while a really dark skintone could almost be seen as another color in the avatar.
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i prefer working with A or maybe its F tone (whichever im using now) as i find it works with most of my items. The darker ones made the eyes i use look like i'm only covered in ink or something with the white pixels around the eyes and lips. The plus i see from a darker toned skin and the black body dye is how pretty the blush from light spirit looks.
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To Whom It May Concern,

I changed my gender for the sausage fest achievement and when I did I ended up with skin F.
Too lazy to change it, I went with it.

Only to find out that my favorite face mods/make up looked odd and out of places. The eros face in particular. So I changed outfits and found something more suited for the skintone. Pure white looked so amazing on that skintone.

Skintones all have pros and cons, and people who have worked with the darker ones longer are probably better at working with them, but for myself I do indeed find them harder to work with after being skintone B for the longest time.


Lady Xem
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I'm purple...I've never found it hard to make an avatar before. It's literally the only color I use because of this account being an OC who requires that color skin. I have ONE avatar that uses the black skin pose from Death Whisper and that's another OC. She looks damn good if I must say so myself.

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