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Those Bitches! they're evil and scheming! I reckon we should get soem kind of crazy animé ninja squadron made up of the best of guians and take em down! Then maybe gino can tell his dad how he feels and gambino can say sorry and all will be well. ah. happy ending. and if you think a battle with the sisters is far fetched, well... this is the same place that lets you buy wings, tails and claws, so....
No ninjas, they're much to cliche and hard to control, as well as somewhat tacky. Plus, they can almost never work well in the day or against a large fighting force. Perhaps there should be a deadly and efficent european-style fighting force composed of a light horse regiment and several of foot, or a large array of guerillia units, ready to spring into battle, fluid and undetectable. Imagine the dragoons, rushing in there on horseback and taking out whatever force the Von Helsons have at their hands--It'll be the southern campaign all over again.

Besides, I'm sure that everyone else would love to participate in a battle, why leave it to only a few people?
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Masked caballeros will take them down or... brace yourself...
Masked ninja assasin paladins
Von Helsons should diiiiiie. domokun 'Cept for Moira.
*coughs* if i were gino i do not think i would WANT to be rescued
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Hmm.. Mabye when the battle system gets online you can grab a weapon and then MOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH!
Uhh... let's all donate to Gambino or gino okay?
I say we bring their money to life and make it attack them ninja They won't attack their precious million dollar bills! 'Cause then if they destroy them, they'd be--dare I say it--POOR! And -not- pretty! gonk exclaim Too poor to afford a hairbrush HAHAHA.
I say we hack their account, steal their gold and give it to gambino. WOOOOOOO
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... Talk about fantasy land. Why not we just ask the admins nicely to kill the Helsons?
Too easy... Maybe we can threaten to blow up Lanzer's house if he doesn't cooperate in going back in time and stopping himself in creating the Von Helsons
. . . . . . . . . . . .
Whaaaaaaattt? It was a good Idea.

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