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What is your Gaian Net Worth?

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This poll closed on March 12, 2005.
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Ok, go through your inventory and look at all your items, and then estimate about how much they cost, or be a**l and take to time to look them all up. Then add that to your current gold. About how much are you currently worth? ^^

Me, I'm about 182k just from adding up my items and taking the lower end of donation/rare/uncommon in EVIL.
I'd say I was worth about 100k >_>;
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Assimilated Businesswoman

I have no clue. xD! But now that my devil tail's shot up, my net worth isn't on the poll. D:
Hey look, another poll for the rich to prove they're rich
Poll increased...

Actually, yes, yes it is to show off how rich we are, even though there are a large number of Gaians with a ton more money than me... o.o

Um. I'm like, not even 20k
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About 300k, maybe. It's the donations and my Musketeer cloak.
Around 300k maybe >.>? I'm poor for my join date domokun .

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