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I saw a couple of good designs when I looked last time. But that was a while ago and I don't remember what they were.

The sweets for my sweet contest really should have been finished last week IMO, for Valentine's Day and all. But I'm sure it'll finish before the end of February anyhow, if not this week.
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I hope so! heart
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Lazarus Larkin
Sweet Angel Mary
Lazarus Larkin
I haven't been very impressed with most of the CS winners... lots and lots of unusable-to-me-dresses and women's coats. I might actually scream if we get MORE animal hoodies.

the theme was sweets for a sweet so it wouldn't include animals, unless it was candy animal hoodies.

I almost wrote that it shouldn't happen with this theme but I didn't want to make any assumptions rofl

only the gaia devs would consider making edible animal hoodies. rofl
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I didn't like any of the designs that I saw~ BUT I'm curious to see when the update is as well.

I'm hoping for new hair & eyes in the gold shops!

I agree. I looked through all of them and they all seem too elaborate. I don't know how I would fit them into an outfit.
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Can't wait! whee I saw two the were very memorable and I hope they make it. One was a set of short dresses, I think the colors were green, purple and red or something. But they all looked super shiny and looked like sugar art. Simply on texture alone I think it deserves to win. Also I saw this amazingly detailed cupcake dress. The coolest part about it was that the artist showed their whole creative process from sketch to final. Very nice drawings too. Those are the most notable ones I saw. For the last conest i saw these really nice hot coco coats. I really hope the artist keeps entering those because they'
re really awesome designs. 3nodding
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I hope it is this week! whee I'm also hoping some other shops get updated too. The Buttercup Cafe needs more sweets.

Here's some of the designs that I liked:
Gumball Gown
Sugar Sculpture Gown
Strawberry Chocolate Dress
Love Tart Scarf
Sweet Chef Coats
Chocolate Ruffled Dress
Sweet Tooth Dress
Strawberry Lollipop Couture
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I had hoped it would be today, since it happened last time on a tuesday around the third week of the month, but oh well... I hope it is this week though... Defeats the purpose of the theme to put it at the end of the month...

As always, I hope my design wins, along with a few others. This one is going to be really samey with a lot of the designs I saw based around dresses, strawberries, and chocolate dip. I went manly with battle armor...

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I don't think there are more then 3-5 items that I saw that aren't some kind of frilly thing... I saw some pants, and a few tops I liked...
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One of the artists told me in AtA yesterday that the update would be soon, but you know we take things like 'soon' with a grain of salt.
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I have to be honest here, I'm waiting for Crosstitch's Update more out of interest for what the next contest's theme would be than for whatever is gonna be released there:

I mean, because there's only one demographic interested in Sweets-inspired Clothing, the contest got even more flooded of the cutesy, frilly, froo-froo, lace-heavy stuff I hardly find a practical use in my avvies than in the last three contests...

And I wouldn't even count hoping for any of the few rare designs that worked with the theme without subscribing to any of the above to appear. (All the apologies for my pessimism, Ninja Katze)
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One of the artists told me in AtA yesterday that the update would be soon, but you know we take things like 'soon' with a grain of salt.

It was Milkbun I think. Also... out of memory, CrosStitch updates are usually in the third week of the month. Which means, this week biggrin
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Looking forward to it whee
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CrosStitch items are great and all but they tend to be overly detailed and garish, they can be hard to use. But I like them anyway.
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I just want one thing with strawberries. emotion_kirakira yum_strawberry
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Most of the designs I've seen were pretty unappealing and over-the-top, so I'm not too excited. People need to learn that sometimes less is more.
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I hope so. Cash shop deadlines push everything else back. sad

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