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Tipsy Reindeer

I like foxes. So I try to get every fox item when I can. But it will never be complete since a there's no way I can afford both those fox companion items. I only need Ikki, Sly, Flossy Fox, Fox's Watch, Prince of Fennecs, and Kumiho... crying I'm also the same way with deer items/antlers.

Back in the day I used to collect every MC from the time I started... But I stopped doing that after a few years when I couldn't afford it anymore.

Oh, I also collect the birthstone items for January.
What types of collections do you have?
If it has something to do with history then I must have it. This Impractical Gala has me going through all my gcash/gold!
Are there certain items that you just have to every color of?
Dresses that are very from Renaissance to Victorian!
Do your collections influence other aspects of your gaian life?
I sell all my old stuff to get the new stuff. That's pretty much it ;D Might have to open an art shop at this rate!
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Sparkly Shounen

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Every single rainbow item.
ALL the kitten stars.
Sparkly twinkly celestial things.

I also have an insane amount of trash, flowers, and bugs from Towns/Alchemy.
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Aged Seeker

I have/had an insane collection of random event items and random sponsor items. At my best/worst I had several hundred of the seeing stones from the spiderwick chronicles thing. I still have a bunch of random stuff hoarded about that I don't even feel like digging through.

I just like collecting random stuff. Most of the time it is stuff that I figure I can sell again later for a profit and then well never get around to doing so
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Friendly Reveler

I collect Reve Roullie items I always loved reve since it came out I'm not sure why I guess Icuz its steampunky or the crab..and if I believed in wearing sets ill have probaby have 10 reves and 10 marin..... I stilll gotta get the emote bubble
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Tipsy Cutie-Pie

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I have every color Heartstring
Every magical girl uniform
Every SDPLUS doll from the library RIG (can't remember the name of it) for the extra book pose.
Every MLP knockoff item (little lemon lime, etc.)
and every meido dress.


I like collecting things
Birthstone items. Gotta have 'em all.
Goldshop sets / color variations. I may go for the whole "buy every gold shop item" thing at some point.
Game items, though I sacrifice some for caches.
Would like to collect horns, ears, and tails, and I think I have a somewhat decent start???
Everything in general. I enjoy sitting on a hoard.


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