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Do you think Countess Ambrosia can be trusted?

Yes! I trust the Countess completely! 0.3030303030303 30.3% [ 10 ]
Maybe...I don't think I know enough yet to fully trust her... 0.60606060606061 60.6% [ 20 ]
Nope! I can't say that I do. 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 33 ]
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Partying Borg

14,250 Points
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  • Jolly Roger 50
I'll join too
monkeyslayer69's avatar

Romantic Saint

7,900 Points
  • Survivor 150
  • Risky Lifestyle 100
  • Grunny Grabber 50
Im a Dark Elf all th way, but i'd love to troll all over Don Kuro's childish face.
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Benevolent Cutesmasher

13,750 Points
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  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
Could you add me to the fan list?
*Raises hand*
Yup, I'm a fangirl. =O
Add me to the list please. <33
AlliBalli52's avatar

8,950 Points
  • The Perfect Setup 150
  • Generous 100
  • Wall Street 200
What if she is The Von Helson sisters mother?
K4M's avatar

Dapper Flip-Flopper

I really hope we get some backstory and info on her when the event rolls out
BIutbad's avatar

MarmaIade's Husband

Dangerous Lunatic

9,550 Points
  • Person of Interest 200
  • Brandisher 100
  • Forum Sophomore 300
Can't say I'm a 'fan', though I will be watching her for signs of betrayal, seeing as I don't much trust a leader that has only just tried to fight the Don, instead of doing it when it should have been done.
Thursday Noon's avatar

Questionable Informer

9,600 Points
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  • Inquisitor 200
  • Full closet 200
I'd like to be added to the list, please :>
Rhea Byrne's avatar

Bookish Hellraiser

I hope her personality is as interesting as her design. She is pretty, and seems an interesting enough character, but we'll see how interesting this is in the near future.

Add me to the fanlist?
Dref Dur's avatar

Original Gaian

10,300 Points
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  • Lavish Tipper 200
  • Somebody Likes You 100
Hey everyone, don't worry, I didn't forget about you! I'll be updating the fanlist tonight. A lot of users are bringing up interesting and recurring points of interest!

I think I know what the next's poll's going to be. So who do you think designed her [NPC] sprite?
doctor_victoria_mortea's avatar

Cute Shoujo

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I joined cause Kuro is a brat and an insane tyrant I find Louie Ian and Gino cute must come from moms side considering how ugly Louie and Ians father was same with Johnny G may he rest in peace
doctor_victoria_mortea's avatar

Cute Shoujo

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  • Hero 100
  • Protector of Cuteness 150
Also me and a couple friends think Ambrosia might be a witch as well as a vampire a lot of us were mad that gaia didn't do witches this year
Amurana's avatar

Smitten Kitten

15,950 Points
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  • Nudist Colony 200
  • Sausage Fest 200
I love her style and design! It was really hard picking a side, and I stupidly did it right away before getting any other info. I'm sad we can only have one of the broaches, because I adore the moon design of the dark elves. I had to choose vamps, though. I'm a sucker for the suckers.
LostInThisDance's avatar

Invisible Ladykiller

11,100 Points
  • Conventioneer 300
  • Firestarter 200
  • Senpai's Notice 100
I love how she is dressed and her eyes<3 lol but I need to know more about her though >.>
badtzmaru's avatar

Moonlight Lover

16,700 Points
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  • Protector of Cuteness 150
What if she is The Von Helson sisters mother?
Nyoooo, I hope not because they're not classy enough to be her daughters! xd

In the manga, the twins referred to their mother as one of Vladmir's "cattle." emotion_donotwant

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