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funny rofl
the only items I like are the cheap ones this time 4laugh
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Did anyone already notice the glitch that happens when you try Northern Chills legs with some dresses?
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Ridley Starsmore



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Monday Delirium
Ridley Starsmore



PM me a link if you write it. I can't run a petition right now.... sweatdrop
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SoooI kept telling myself I wouldn't sell some of my inventory for Winter's Tale. I was going to buy a Madame off of the market, but I just got this nagging feeling I should just try.

I opened it and got an Icy Frosting. gonk I think I just spent all my luck for the year.
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Okay I played a bundle and got...

Fern Glacial Scarf
Black Ice Witch x2
Blue Russian x2
Icicle Wings.
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At first i didn't really care for these items but...Blue Russian is a must. <3
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Icy Frosting and Northern Chill.. <3333 emotion_bigheart So much want on those items.. emotion_kirakira
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I love the new item only CIs. No matter what, you always get something new, something you don't have. I wouldn't mind in the slightest if they switched to these all the time.

As for what I like most... hm... That Lord of Snow has my name on it, for sure. But I also like the scarves. Blue Russian is nice, too.

Etah is very cute, but I don't really do pets. ^^;
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this CI looks good^^
i just bought the reindeer the ears look soo cute emotion_kirakira
i'm not so in dogs so i don't care about having the dog-pet

i have a tale-snow-flake-item and i try to get either the queen, northern chill or the frosting out of it >.<
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Thank you for making such a list.

Etah the Samoyed Puppy... ish weally ze cutest... I so want one!!!!
should i buy it?

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