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Sweet Gaian

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Hm, I wonder why Gaia is putting out something like this now? It probably would of sold more closer to Christmas. Not that I'm complaining about it, just strange timing in my opinion.

This CI has a lot of nice Frozen referenced items. Flurry Madame's and Icy Frosting's wigs are beautiful. I might buy those depending on their MP price a few days from now. I also like the little Husky, but I can't see myself buying it.
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Friendly Spirit

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This is like that one sweets ci, isn't it? I like this. 3nodding
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Sparkly Fatcat

THAT DOG! heart heart emo
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Kawaii Kitten

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Playful Pitcher

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that Snow Queen reference heart

I don't see anything I really want though. xp
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Tiny Bunny

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Viviette Valentine
Those scarves and wings 8D I love this XD
The icicle wings look like those cheap angelic wings the cash shop had the other day, but they are sooo pretty!, I hope they don't stay expensive...

I love the purple scarf too smile Thought i would be a little disapointing to get a one pose item only while all the others have 3-6 poses each sweatdrop

Anyway, d you have the link to the wings? I didn't see them yet smile
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I think I might need Queen of the Frozen North. The hair! emotion_drool

Excited to see the list.
waiting to see the items hueheuehuehue emotion_bigheart
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Striking Heckler

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Jayce Reinhardt
I don't think having a RIG with only new items is worth that price tag. That said, the items in this bundle look really nice, I hope they don't end up being too expensive.

Why are new items bad? eek

New items are awesome xD increase in the price of the RIG just because only new items are in it is not so awesome.
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Knowing Gaia...

Watch that dog item get recolored as a black one soon.
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What do you think of these new item only CIs?
I like this!! I like them all 4laugh

Should Gaia make the full conversion to this style of CI from now on?
this would be interesting..hmm..maybe when the months are slow or in between events.

What item are you wanting most from the list?
The puppy becasue that is the type of dog I have and it looks cute!!

Is that puppy the cutest or what?
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Versatile Shapeshifter

emotion_puke the blatant rip off is kind of gross imo
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Princess Healer

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From a bundle, the only good item I got was Queen of the Frozen North. Not sure if that one is rare...
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Magical Librarian

why does gaia release things when i'm broke... *curses alchemy*

and wow, gaia's take on frozen just a little? xd
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Noble Spirit

emotion_puke the blatant rip off is kind of gross imo

Parody is allowed under the law though.

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