I love this forum so much!

It's one of the forums that actually have structure. And I'm just thinking, well, why didn't they have this before? Why couldn't they have released this a little before the halloween bash? It'd be a lot easier to collect info then, and us trying to figure out what's up with all this.

Or maybe, they don't want us to figure it out... ninja

I love talking about NPC's and their "lives", if you think of it, it's kind of like a soap opera the way we love talking about them. "Josie's a transvestite!" Or "Ian is Peyo's Daddeh!" (I personally would love to see this one confirmed) "OMG! Ian and Liam are lovers!" "LabTechX is really a form of Gino from the FUTURE!" And all that jazz.

hee hee.

My most favorite thread is Confessions of an NPC Widow. Have you checked it out yet? It's quite good! I love it! *sigh* what a story! What a story! It is quite an excellent sub-plot to everything that went on during the halloween bash.

All these threads are so much fun to browse around, fanthreads and rumor threads are my favorites! What about you guys?