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          ...i-it looks interesting. i'll give it that.
          i'll probably never play it. ever.

          i'd love to see a pacman game on here~ ^ _ ^b

this yes please a gaia version of pacman would be pretty cool especially if it grants alchemy components and gold<3
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******** YES, MAJONGG!!!!!!
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I love mahjong and strategy games in general--this is probably the solitaire matching version, though. Which is fine, there's actually a lot of strategy involved. (:
hmm it seems interesting but I wonder what it'll be like when it's released ya know?
I wonder which kind of Mah Jong it'll be...
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Oh god, Mah Jong is my biggest casual gaming vice. eek heart Glad to see this will be an addition!
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I prefer Japanese mahjong, the proper 4 Winds type, but the tile versions are enjoyable too biggrin
This is out by the way... If you go to monsters in your backyyard (whatever its called) then look at the top, you can get to it via that way.
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I just got the Dev notice and played the tutorial
man that's addicting o:
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While this one minute time limit is rather annoying, it's admittedly a pretty addictive game. x3 Been playing it for like a freakin hour. Hells yeah 3.5mill. First time I've ever been #1, even if it was only for a few minutes.
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I think it's pretty fun so far. I prefer traditional mahjong, but there's nothing wrong with this.

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