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Did you read my theory on page Seven? sweatdrop
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I figured this may be a possibility. I'll be happy if I'm wrong, though.

Perhaps the nameless vampire servant will reappear in this current manga chapter... or maybe he ran off to leave us wondering if he's someone we've met before.
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Actually, I am more inclined to believe that the vampire everyone is speaking of is... him. He's also cursed.

Look familiar?

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I completely forgot that this guy existed....

If this October had a Fridat the 13th then I would find this completely believable.
As is I don't really believe it's him. Since he's a once off NPC.

Cresento (or however you spell his name) was a once-off NPC too.

Wish he'd stayed that way = /
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stop stealing my ideas dramallama

Oh damn, just saw your post history. Didn't notice that, sorry. I'm not following that thread lol

I borrowed your pics and used them in the event forum. Hope that's alwright?? sweatdrop
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This makes sense. I figured they would tie in these guys with the rest of gaia's family tree.
And since Rosalie isn't that big of a slut, this would be a perfect way to do this.
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maybe peyo is ruby's lovechild with vlad... [o 3 o]

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Vlad's a total slut. Vampirism wasn't the only thing he was spreading. xd
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A mali

In many stories, yeah, especially the ones published before the late 20th century. Dracula, for example, is about 400-odd years old and maintains his youth throughout a generous portion (though by no means all) of the book by regularly drinking blood. Bram Stoker based the whole idea on what was the most common and recent folklore, and since he published his book in the 1890s, vampires that never age is actually a very new idea.
I was right about everyone being related to everyone
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Now this asks a very important question. WHy does he age? Also he is similar to Zhivago in that they both recieved scars.

All of them age.
Maybe Vlad was hundreds of years old but if his kids half vampires or full pledged vampires, doesn't matter. If they age so can he.
The moment you have a vampire able to get someone pregnant, you can't say he's undead.
Unless we have a manga update called Boner of the Dead that makes it canon in Gaia that it is possible for zombies, skeletons and vampires (and ghouls and ghosts) to get their freak on with each other/ the living.

Maybe this " curse " that the new manga talks about explains why Von Helson and his family age, while Cordell and Don Kuro have stayed the same for the past 800 years.

[o o are you talking about physically staying the same? oxo because cordell did grow up over the time... and i think the don has aged, it just can't be physically shown due to the curse making him chibi and cute child sized for the rest of his life... o o; i don't think it gave him eternal life though]
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This would be incredibly annoying because just how many frigging people have to be related to the Gambinos von Helsons? Apparently the world of Gaia is both large enough to have a varied amount of races and require several days travel to get anywhere, but small enough to have the genepool diversity of a small mid-western town. Maybe Gaia's high born vampires just have red eyes as a thing. /strongdenial

This is what Brigitte thinks. On top of that, ze incest that would cause were it true...
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NEW RIG?... confused
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that's really clever
I actually think this is a good theory.
and he'll, why don't vampires age?
to each writer their own.
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gaia's users have better ideas for the plot than gaia's writers do imo

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