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Since I didn't see one of these threads listed, I decided to make one. (I hope nobody minds sweatdrop )
Just post what you received from the RIG heart
Links are provided for only the new items of this RIG
I'll try to stay as updated as possible.

heart Thank you very much for all the people who contributed in the art thread 3nodding
heart heart And I want to give a big thanks to everyone who contributed to the thread! heart heart

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Club Limbo Statistics: Win to Loss Ratio
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Friendly Informer

User Image

User Image Aces and Eights
User Image Nightjar x3
User Image Oliver's Amusement
Fellowship Armor

User Image Haunted Suits x10
User Image Oliver's Amusement x7
User Image Bleeding Suits x7
User Image Peeling Green x2
The Big Top
Electric Plug Tail
Elegant Orange Ruffles
Shark Scarf
The Brave Octopus
Corona Borealis
Anemone Couture
Gaia-Con Registration Goodies
Orbital Clutter x2
Top Shelf Weaponry
Mock Turtle
Kindergarten Play
Tourmaline Grand Drape
Sapphire Grand Drape
Red Giant's Might
Stitched Heart Lantern
Zebra Sukutai
Mr. Ronery
Super Dancey Dance
Red Lizardman x2
Mythrill Coin (10,000 gold)
Accessoires de Cirque
Ladybug Crown
Romantic Dinner
Unsavory Cactus
Signal's Cape
Rosales' Cape
Orangecicle Octopus
Emperor Penguin
Mint King of Cups
FELINES - Monkutan
Bright KISS

User Image

User ImageLady Yvonne
Fungi Village
Indigo Flutter
Selkie Legend

User Image Snake Eyes x15
User Image Peeling Green x16
User Image Pristine Gloves x18
User Image Bird of Unparadise x17
The Viceroy
Earth Mood Bubble x3
Toxic Mood Bubble
Peter Pan
Ice Jotunn
Pink Acinonyx x2
Green Acinonyx
The Family Jewels Gold
Techno Head
Bollywood Big Finish x2
Snow Animals x3
Pharaoh's Banner
Lavender Bridesmaid
Boto Encantado
Master of Ebon Studies Lectern
Rabu Rabu Purikura
Mint Chocolate Queen of Cups
Chocaholic Cherry Fondue
Passionate Knight Venus x2
Justin's Gi x2
Winterland Snowball
Mega Stereo
Music Notes Kimono Dress x2
Brimstone Blade
Plumeria Headpiece
Ancient Sultan
Rose Guardian
Flower Power x2
Romantic Knight Aphrodite
Amorous Knight Isis
Baby Grande
Duct Tape Roll
Transforming Oil
Little Submarine
Black Cat Fleece Hat
Victorious Evil Queen
Topaz Grand Drape
Grand Drape
Ruby Grand Drape
Orange Geist Black Candle
Sleepytime Starry Night Pajamas x2
Starbright Sweeper
Hyena Companion
VFM-01F Stryker-F x2
Caretaker Tia
Elegant Mint Ruffles
Teru Teru Bozu
Purple Geist Black Candle
Idiot Hair
Love Drunk
Empress' Banner
Elegant Lord's Wig (Black)
Space Channel Gaia Beta
Martian War x3
Glorious Harp
Flowery Trellis
Defender Pump-action
Death Moth
Barnabas' Crusade x2
Smooth DJ
Lord Volder's Safari Gear
Elven Space Cadet
Sheriff Law
Obvious Tourist
Chocolate Brown Puppy Cosplay
Lunarian's Cape
Regalia of the Flame Tongue
Comic Accents

User Image

User Image Harlem Blues x3
User Image Hold 'em Tex
User Image Asphalt Jungle x2
User Image Black Jack
Sleepytime Princess
Sad pig boy
Knave of Hearts
Napoleon of Crime
Passionate Vocalist
Gin the Kitty

User Image Lucky Throw x24
User Image Case of Pink Eye x19
User Image Madam Goblin Spider
User Image Bonnie Ol' Clyde x22
User Image Asphalt Jungle
User Image Fire Salamander x2
Jittery Jill
Unflattering Ducks
Hell Prison Guard x2
Dandy's Reprise
Jungle King
Nightmare Fuel x2
Rose Throne
Snow Leopard Couture
Silver Sonata
Gun-Eye Gatling
Invincible Frames x2
Lovely Heart Clouds
Misty Heart Clouds
Clinohumite Diamond Dog x2
Lily Starfire x2
Rawrsaurus Plush
Twisted Love
Tomorgenne Maid
Path of the Orochi
Mabase's One Life
Timble's Tea Party
Black Bowtie
Kitten Squad Delta
Saber-Tooth Tiger x3
Mythrill Coin (40,000 Gold)
King of the Stars
Gangsta Hi Lyfe
Dark Matter Galaxy x2
Truck Stop
Starstruck Posters
Royal Mariner x2
Psychedelic Submersible
Decayed Skullheads x3
Skunk Cosplay
Royal Cloak Blue
Royal Cloak Black
Militia Stars Air Force
Dangerous Denim x2
Jack Frost
Vigilant Lost Boy x2
Venus Discordia x2
Hanoman x2
Nihonshu Geisha
Sommelier Accessories
Spilled Pages
Cutie Cowgirl
Hollywood Vixen
Mikan's Slap x2
The Brass Knight
TDHP Device
Zessen Fan
Sleepytime Romantic Pajamas
Sleepytime Nightmare Pajamas
Equestrianism Fashion
Monsieur Panda
Knight of La Mancha
Ancient Defender x2
Harlem Blues
La Dragonne
Warlock School
Grandiose Imports
Charming the Piglet
Hazard Shock Trooper

User Image

User Image Hollywood Tease x5
User Image Pink Dahlia x9
User Image Ruffed-Up Showgirl x7
User Image Black Jack
Stray Dogs x2
Mythrill Coin (250,000 Gold)
Mythrill Coin (150,000 Gold)
Tragic Melody
Lady Lunar
Court of the Elf Queen
Very Protective Fantasy Armor

User Image Firefly x23
User Image Triple Seven Bandit x11
User Image Fire Salamander x18
Eternal Emperor
Everyone's Reprise x2
Sad Pig Boy
The Technicolor Time Traveler
The Blue Rabbit
The Red Rabbit
Les Freaks x3
Apple Rendezvous
Fragrant Heartbeat
Sauvignon Blanche
String Ensemble x2
Severin's Advance x2
Violet Trigger
Fancy Man's Fez
Rainbow Neko Cosplay
Adventures of Sailor Boy
Bestial Masks
Checkered Remorse x3
Mabase's One Life
Rumble on the Rocks
Frolicking Pastel
Ted and Dusky
MW-06S Krieger Custom
Vampire's Judgement
Passionate Vocalist
Blue Acinonyx
Raven's Deceit
Gift of the Stars
Phasing Lily
Dragonmetal Champion
High Priestess of Night x2
Air Raider
Lighthammer Dash
Space Channel Gaia
Yorick's Curse x2
Prince Patchouli
Noble Plumage
Rio Star
Action Hero
Mizuki's Glaive
GLAM entertainer
Latrans Trickster
Yurei Child
Ballad of Orpheus
Tomorgenne Maid
Pig Face Johnny
Jack Frost
Peter's Youth
Lethal Yandere
Knave of Hearts

Friday XIII
User Image

User Image White Heat x4
User Image Eldritch Assasin x2
User Image Hold 'em Tex x2
User Image Speakeasy Macabre x2
Vittoria's Intimates x3
Bass Hero
Wizard's Grand Gala
Court of the Elf Queen

User Image Card Sharks x6
User Image Carcosan Wanderer x3
User Image Madam Goblin Spider x3
User Image The House Wins x11
User Image Bonnie Ol' Clyde x2
Majoko Mariko
Wizard School x2
Cassiopeia's Vanity
Galahad of Templar
Toxic Kitten
Spectacular Buntacular
Bellissimo Pianoforte x2
Sad Pig Boy
Daisy's Dark Hair
Highwire Veronica
Depth of Hades
WIN Star
Mythrill Coin (150,000 gold)
Royal Crown Red
Siren Song
Peyo Coded Memories
Vittoria's Intimates
Shadowed Dancing Princesses
Sour Tsundere
Lovely Diction
The Jolly Time Traveler
Beach Day

Lady Luck
User Image

User Image Bogie
User Image Lady Luck x19
User Image Friday XIII x14
User Image Cat Noir x12
User Image Suited Couture x17
User Image The House Wins x3
User Image Boogie Woogie Man x16
User Image Dice Bunny x16
User Image SBX-2 x5
User Image SDPlus #369 Jackie
SDPlus Real S47 Narumi Misuhara
SDPlus Blind Box x12
Lucky the Cat
Milk the Cat x2
Jet the Kitten Star x2
Fantasy Kitten Star x4
Kitten Star x3
Cheshire Kitten x2
Spice the Pumpkitten
Bom Bom the Bunny x3
Cartier the Dragon x2
Fafnir the Dragon
Melchior the Meowl
Colonel Praline Pepperpot's Capricious Cat Circus x2
Nochi the Black Wolf
Thea the Unicorn x2
Nevermore the Raven
Arion the Pegasus
Jekyll's Morality
The Lovers
One Winged Soldier
Dainty Porridge
Bitter Porridge
Crimson Marionette x2
Pink Marionette x2
Pale Marionette
Hollywood Dream
Cloud Iridescence
Night's Knight
Gothique Harlequin x2
Child of Gevaudan
The Librarian
Her Raiding Majesty
Hook's Cruelty
Midnight Rainbow
Illyncia's Honor x2
Princess Chimes
Lady Chimes
Cerynitian's Blessing x2
Oisin's Blessing
Chuchip's Blessing
Charlemagne's Heart
Snowy White Lass
Thief of Dreams
Prince of Thieves
The Rose of Versailles
Pop Music Cat
Overlander Duster
K.O. Star x2
Kanoko's Dark Reflection x2
Magical Mender
Tink's Jealousy
Monster Masquerade
Gaia-sama x2
Coyote Brothers x2
Lobo the Gray Wolf
SBX x3
Furious Lost Boy
Princess White Lass
Roseus Diamond Dog
Petal Professor Hana
Ace Bass x2
Blue Rubble Stockings
Mythrill Coin (1,000,000 Gold)
Titus the Lion
Black Lace
Flight of the Macaw
Metal's Last Hope
Mercury's Moon
Rainy Day
Dullahan's Edge
Commander Garbolt x2
Hyde's Bloodlust
Shika Deer
Delicate Death
Aquarium Lila the Mermaid
Asena's Pack
Princess Harmony
Blade of the Night Sky
NeoGaia Hero
Untoten Gegner
Heartful Punch
Future Lady Soldier Gari
The Mad Hatter

i got forfeit on the friday xiii white heat
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Brainy Hero

18,250 Points
  • Nerd 50
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Partygoer 500
I got Lady Luck, but I don't wanna open it yet whee
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Friendly Informer

i got forfeit on the friday xiii white heat
Thank you for the contribution 3nodding
I forfeited on 777 and got Hollywood Tease. surprised
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Bookish Hellraiser

Friday XIII - Fail - Majoko Mariko

Lady Luck - Lady Luck
Lady Luck - SDPlus Blind Box
JustDanceCP's avatar

Friendly Informer

Friday XIII - Fail - Majoko Mariko

Lady Luck - Lady Luck
Lady Luck - SDPlus Blind Box

For lady luck are those victories?
Forfeit on Friday XIII and got a Eldritch Assasin.
Rhea Byrne's avatar

Bookish Hellraiser

Friday XIII - Fail - Majoko Mariko

Lady Luck - Lady Luck
Lady Luck - SDPlus Blind Box

For lady luck are those victories?
Lady Luck is the victory.

Manly Fatcat

15,250 Points
  • Magical Girl 50
  • Hero 100
  • Hotblooded Hero 50
friday xiii
Jekyll's Morality
both from lady luck victories ~
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Magical Evader

All from Fails:

Lucky Throw x 2
Case of Pink Eye

Friday the XIII
Carcosan Wanderer
Card Sharks
JustDanceCP's avatar

Friendly Informer

Friday XIII - Fail - Majoko Mariko

Lady Luck - Lady Luck
Lady Luck - SDPlus Blind Box

For lady luck are those victories?
Lady Luck is the victory.

Oh thanks
friday xiii
Jekyll's Morality
both from lady luck victories ~

Jekyll's emotion_dowant Gratz!

Manly Fatcat

15,250 Points
  • Magical Girl 50
  • Hero 100
  • Hotblooded Hero 50
friday xiii
Jekyll's Morality
both from lady luck victories ~

Jekyll's emotion_dowant Gratz!

thanksss 4laugh

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