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I guess I am guilty of judging some users on the avatars but it has to do with troll avi's and such not the usual run of the mill user. I often really do enjoy users who reflect hobbies and cosplay in a design I can appreciate.

That said I've had nasty users approach me on both forums and towns just to get at how my avi is dressed sweatdrop
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I've never judged someone by the way there avi looked, I mean that's not very nice.
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A couple things I've thought about for a long while...

When looking at posts, do you ever judge someone because of the appearance of the avatar? I know I've done it a few times...

Also, do people still talk or even brag about how much they are worth on Gaia? With gold so easy to get through things on the site, or just investing the smallest bit of real money, it would seem insignificant. At least to me, the idea is.

If I wasn't just waking up, this post would have been a little more detailed and in depth. But these are the questions and conversation I'd like to have. So, what do you think?

I don't have nearly enough gold to brag about how much my avatar is worth, but I do like to show off my avatars simply because I'm proud of the outfits I made. emotion_kirakira

I do tend to judge avatars at first glance but I usually focus on the outfit overall. I have major respect for people that consistently make lovely avatars. But if I see a golden halo propped on your head, I will look at it enviously. :c
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I judge more on how an avatar's outfit is put together, rather than it's worth.

You can look just as nice with matching Gold Shop items as you can with super expensive ones.
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Yes,That is if they attempt good style.
I do judge people by their posts and especially by their signature.
I'm sure my own speaks volume for how lame I am.
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When I first came back to Gaia a couple of years ago Gaia wealth was still quite valid. It was a status symbol.

Now those status symbols have kind of crumbled. I don't really see anyone talking about what their accounts or avatars are worth.

Which is probably for the better though it was nice to have a measuring contest between friends when it was good natured. haha.

The only time I judge someone based on their avatar is when they are doing nothing but showing off wealth. Like they have a nice avatar and then they just force some insanely expensive item on it just to show that they have it.

Which in all fairness when I got some of my more expensive items I used them non stop for a little while to enjoy the fact I had them. So I don't really judge too hard. It is something more along the lines of "come on guys, seriously?" with a slight eye roll and move on.

No real reason to judge someone hard core by their avatar. So many reasons why they came to the end result that they did. Not to mention personal preferences.
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its a combo of how they write and how their avi looks "If dey type like dis nonstop plz kthx bye" and are dressed to look like rally trash, i am most certainly judging.
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I don't judge unless I see an avatar in the marketplace wearing starter clothes and selling 03 MCs and rig pets. Then I'm a bit suspicious.

You would be surprised how many rich looking avatars actually don't have a lot of gold and are wearing what happens to be their entire inventory. I was like that once.^^ Well, gold is actually pretty easy to earn now and if you work hard enough, you can earn a million in two weeks even when starting from scratch. (One million in a week if you are a pro.) sweatdrop Right now, I just can't judge anybody.

Although, I do know that when I go into ZOMG, people tend to frequently ask me how much my avatar is worth and then proceed to beg for gold. -__- There is that kind of judging.
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I judge avatars along with their posts. If somene wearing starter clothes is selling an Angelic Halo, then I don't think I'll buy it. (Not like I have enough gold for it.) And if they post lyke dis, I don't really give a damn about what their avatar is wearing anymore. Basically, I judge people over other things, not just avatars. But at first glance, we all do.
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Anyone can be dressed up to their tits these days. It means nothing.

I tend to have more respect for the kids saving up gold for a lusty scoundrel than those decked out in cash items they paid real money for, really.
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I'll read what they've said, and if it seems like they might be unsure of some site thing, I'll check to see how new they look.

It helps in QA for gauging how to explain something to someone.

I'll also detect those that prefer certain forums by their avatar.

But you can't determine age via avatar so readily anymore. People get so much so easily now it seems like they're a week in and already have 03s :3
I'll be the first to admit that there have been times I have posted or refrained from posting because of an OP's avatar. That didn't happen for long though.

I've always enjoyed psychology, and this has been an interesting little read so far.
I don't even know what my OWN avatars or account are worth any more... why the devil would it matter to me what anyone else's was? confused

For a while, an accounts value of all items/gold was a bit of a status symbol. Some even went as far as to brag about said status. I don't think it happens as much now, and it's still a little fun to look at everything purchased and sitting in your inventory.
Anyways, it has been an interesting little conversation. Hope you all have a good day/evening/night wherever you might be.

This thread can die so a new one (hopefully with a little more substance than this one) can take its place.

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