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I don't necessarily judge the person on the worth of their items, especially since I don't know the worth of most items nowadays. O.o

However, just like somebody who showers irl, I think better of people who at least look like they tried to put an outfit together.
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From a-top my throne of shinies and ever-increasing wealth, I look down at the Plebeians beneath me in utter disgust.

How anyone worth more than 500bil would even consider talking to one of such low caliber is beyond me.

Those users are nothing more than peons to be used and extorted to get me even more money and new items.

That being said, no, I never judge users based on wealth, but more upon the content of their posts, since their wealth has no bearing on me (unless they're feeling generous toward a certain me).
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sure i judge people

but it doesn't affect how i choose to interact with them

but i judge. i judge.


just 'cause i can

Generally you edit the initial post rather than quoting a second one then editing it.

I am contributing to the thread, that's how posting works. If you [incorrectly] inferred that I wanted to start a fight based on my critique of your flawed point then that is your fault not mine. Generally if one of the fundamental premises of the discussion is flawed, the results of that discussion are invalid. I'm implying (well, I'm pretty close to outright stating) that you are incorrect in your assessment and therefore your 'discussion' will yield no valid results.

You'll have to clarify how my assessment was 'short sighted' since I'm pretty darn sure it wasn't.

As an aside, Your 'discussion' is basically a poll. In the old days, topics that could be answered with a yes/no question were considered off topic and moved to the CB or GD.

And worth is economic value is a huge factor in certain parts of the community. The Gaia Exchange is likely the most obvious example of this but it's also common in the GCD and, to a lesser extent some of the role playing forums.

Of course it is also pretty much the sole purpose of the avatar talk forum but that would be cheating.

Mistakes can be made, it happens. Do you feel better for being insulting? Because you made such a simple statement the first time, it was viewed as being short-sighted. You didn't explain anything which could give people the wrong idea. That is your fault, don't say you had nothing to do with a misunderstanding because of one of your posts caused a spark. Rather than imply something, come out and say it. Say what you mean so there isn't any miscommunication. A question was asked, and there are responses.

This does talk about avatars, but this topic wouldn't be allowed in places such as the Exchange, or the Avatar Talk sub-forum. This pertains to the community and how it perceives other users.
Pardon me? Showing incredulous doubt is not being insulting (as a fun aside, I personally think that dismissively calling someone short-sighted and implying that they are an elitist IS insulting).

I'm not sure where you're getting your definitions from but 'short-sighted' demonstrates a lack of foresight or ability to plan ahead while 'simple' just describes a lack of complexity. "this plan won't work in the long run" is a very simple statement but is probably not short-sighted. In fact, it was this confusion of terms that prompted me to ask for clarification. When I don't understand something I ask for an explanation (ANOTHER fun aside: I don't dismissively call something I don't understand 'short-sighted' and then refuse to try to respond to it).

You are [partially] correct. While I did not explain my point I did not feel that it warranted the need of explanation. As you said, it was simple and therefore I did not assume that it would require clarification. Would you rather I continue all my further posts as if I were speaking to a nine year old? Personally I would find that demeaning for both parties involved but if you think it would clear up miscommunication I'd be[grudgingly] be willing to try it out.

In keeping with your spark metaphor, would you blame the matchstick maker for the fire one of his clients caused? If, for example, I was to infer from your post that you are prejudiced against me because of the color of my skin and then took it personally, perhaps alleging that you are a filthy racist and that you should be banned for practicing and propagating hate, would that be your fault? It was YOUR post that caused the spark (ie: my offense to your post) but really, it would be my incorrect inference of your meaning based on a lack of understanding and lack of desire to clarify that confusion that really caused the problem.

As a final fun aside, that last paragraph of mine, describing how 'worth in economic value' (a typo I only just noticed on my part, my apologies for that) is a large part of many parts of Gaia was actually my attempt to respond to the initial issue that The Power of Alchemy raised. It was actually a more on topic post than your response, which contributed nothing to the topic at hand and could very easily have been PM'd to me without disrupting the intended purpose of this thread.

Finally, to answer your initial question: I'd guess I feel about as much better for 'being insulting' than I imagine you feel for being unnecessarily indignant.
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I only really judge people by interactions i've had with them personally.
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I try not to judge an avatar but I do in the mp if they're dressed like a newbie or nOOb then I'm less likely to buy any expensive items from them in case they hacked the item or something...but that's still kind of a hold over from when selling hacked items was rampant...and I'm super paranoid XD
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I don't judge (although I've noticed if you have a nice avatar and nice art you're better received in general) - at least I try not to. Sometimes nice avatars hide a rude person and vice versa 3nodding

I tend to be suspicious of cheap looking avatars in the exchange because I always think it's a vendor trying to get a better deal by looking poor!
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I keep hearing voices in my head.

I think the only thing I judge on an avatar is if I find it nice or not.
I don't remember bragging about my wealth, but I have let out my excitement over getting certain items within guild spam threads before.
I do occasionally check how much I am worth, more out of curiosity, than to brag about it.

Should I be worried?
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ive been on gaia too long to care about anything that people do anymore
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I don't even know what my OWN avatars or account are worth any more... why the devil would it matter to me what anyone else's was? confused
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I do make judgements based on avatars, but that doesn't mean that these judgements are negative. I mostly infer something about the person's personality or experience on the site by looking at their avatar, rather than judging them as a good or bad person.

That said, certain avatars rub me the wrong way sometimes, like those who use expensive items without doing anything interesting with them. It's probably unfair to judge like that, but it pops into my mind regardless.

All of this is a first impression, though. What someone says (or more importantly, how they say it) goes much further to define how I'll remember that person.
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It's human nature to judge people... we all do it (to some extent).... the fact we do it isn't a problem at all (it's a basic survival instinct) it is how we act upon that matters...

Don't write someone off as a "noob" just because they have a basic looking Avatar...
Don't write someone off as un-intelligent just because they have a cluttered Avatar..
Don't write someone off as arrogant or pompus just because they have expensive items...

We generally make judgements based on our first visual of someone/thing (it's the sense that gives us the most information, quickly) but because visual judgements are only part of the greater picture, we shouldn't act purely upon those judgements.

Personally I try to judge people on their posting habits more than their avatar (after all everyone has different tastes)...
Are posts comprehend able? Does the person make spam? Are posts overly aggressive?

In the real world making snap judgements can be vital.... on a forum, we have much more time to be able to assess people.
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I don't really judge someon's avie, I just like looking at them and seeing the different styles and the colors they use and get ideas for dressing my own avie whee Thought right now, I'm mostly just saving gold right now, so that's why my outfit is the way it is.
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Of course,
there will always be those people who brag.
Personally, I don't care about worth.
I wear what I do because I like the items, not how much they cost.
Couldn't care if someone were using starter items or not.

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I tend to judge on posts, mostly because I feel like that is where personalities shine through the best. If someone has expensive items I am usually impressed but It doesn't really effect how I socialize. smile

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