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A couple things I've thought about for a long while...

When looking at posts, do you ever judge someone because of the appearance of the avatar? I know I've done it a few times...

Also, do people still talk or even brag about how much they are worth on Gaia? With gold so easy to get through things on the site, or just investing the smallest bit of real money, it would seem insignificant. At least to me, the idea is.

If I wasn't just waking up, this post would have been a little more detailed and in depth. But these are the questions and conversation I'd like to have. So, what do you think?

Edit- Apparently, someone (who shall remain unmentioned) thought that this thread "reeks of elitism". That was not the intent at all, and want to clarify that was not the purpose or point of this thread. I just thought I'd ask how users view each other in this virtual community where an avatar can (but not always) mean everything. It's a psychological thing.
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I know of people who still brag about how much their worth or how much gold they have. I personally don't give two shits what someone's game avatar is worth. It doesn't mean that you're superior to someone else and it certainly doesn't mean that you can walk all over other users.
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When I first joined Gaia, I think I silently & subconsciously judged people by their avis more.
But I really don't think I do that as often these days. Avis can only tell so much about people.

Some people are like me & enjoy reflecting their IRL personalities/hobbies through their avi outfits.
Other people like to show their worth through the types of items they equip on their avis.
Then there are those who just want to step out of their own selves & do something completely different than IRL.
There are countless other types of people... That, & people change styles constantly here.

That's why I can't really judge people based on their avis & items anymore.
There are too many possibilities for what items can say about people.
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i sort of judge others based on how they interact with other people in forums and what they post in their profiles or store rather than what their avi is wearing.
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I'm not sure whether I judge them much or not based on avatar.
I tend to look at what is being said first, then look at the avatar. Unless they
have art in their sig and I look at that, then at their avatar to see if it is
matching or whatnot. Then the post itself.

I still brag about some things because I believe I was the first to have done
something and feel that I am relevant for it even though I don't even bother
with it anymore. It's more of a clinging to one final thing before fading away
ordeal. Otherwise.. I have seen people come across as obnoxious because
of a combination of all of these: the shinies they have, the way they hold
themselves in the forum and the words they choose to use. But I guess I
can be looked at as snotty for the words I choose at times. As can everyone
else, as well.

But no, it's more of a 'what are you saying in your post' THEN a 'oh, nice
avatar' mentality I have. xd

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I think it's petty to judge someone based on their avi. I have never forgotten that I started on this site with just the peasant dress, not the starter set new users enjoy today.

However, in the exchange, I tend to be wary of people buying/selling items if their avi are butt naked. xd
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Not just on this site, but way before, I had a tendency to think that the well-dressed crowd was more literate.
The nicer an avatar looked, the more ... responsible/sensible I thought they were. Suppose it could be contributed to the amount of mules/beggars that gave me that thought.

I still do judge. I won't even say I've stopped, because I haven't. Although now my opinions are more reserved and I wait to see their actions before I make definitive conclusions.

As for people who brag about how much their avatar is worth. I tend to think of them as insecure. Why else would a person brag about online pixels?
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Only when I'm in gifting mood.
I'm not very likely to gift something expensive to someone who's flaunting all their riches.
I know, I know, expensive stuff doesn't mean you have lotsa gold to spend, but I can't help but thinking that if you sell that and that item you're wearing you can more than afford the item you're questing/begging for.
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I think to some extent, although it isn't something I'm proud of, I am surprised when my
expectations of people with matching or expensive-looking avatars aren't met. I do expect
people who look like they've been here for some time to be literate and thoughtful and to
avoid spamming more so than people in mismatched starter and gold-shop clothes; I feel
I'm more forgiving and expect less of people who do look new to the site. There is an upside
to this, however: just as I'm disappointed when I see somebody rich with poor literacy, I'm
pleasantly surprised when there's somebody new-looking who proves me wrong.

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With gold so easy to get through things on the site, or just investing the smallest bit of real money, it would seem insignificant. At least to me, the idea is.

I'm sorry, what? Maybe you should stop hanging out with poor people.
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I know of several people who like to brag about there riches and then find out later they borrowed most of there rich based items from other users.
I can't really judge peoples avis besides to say how pretty they look or nice color scheme they used.
While the worth of an avatar may not make much of a difference in how they are interpreted, I think some statements could in fact be affected by whether the speaker is wearing a starter set. Namely in cases where the person interpreting has to determine whether the user is trolling or not. Of course, I could just be projecting.
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With gold so easy to get through things on the site, or just investing the smallest bit of real money, it would seem insignificant. At least to me, the idea is.

I'm sorry, what? Maybe you should stop hanging out with poor people.

What? Short-sighted much? Maybe a little elitist?
Like many of you who have commented, I'm also guilty of judging people based on their avatars, as well as being judged for mine at the time. And I've bragged about my "worth" on the site as well; I think it is something a majority of the population on Gaia does at some point.

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