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Oh man
*quickly sells her end game*

They're in the CS for the same price as a normal RIG.
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omfldjalkfdjlas so am i gonk
ANd now they released a damn 9 pack of the end game.. im just pissed..
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Viviette Valentine
Purloined Parfait
Well, I had two - one was a defeat and rewarded Ordinary Elevator, one was a Victory and at the end you choose your enemy - Black or White. I was awarded the SDPlus Blind Box for my Victory.
Open it!, maybe you'll get a brand new dollie * O* <3

To be honest, I'm a little afraid to do so. o.o;
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I wish I would have known man... I wouldnt have snagged the mini one!
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Well it looks like the only new things the ENDGAME is getting are new items that will be the super RAREs : /
Since items from the mini-RIGs and old RIGs are still there.
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Thank You Winter for your hard work.
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Wow, what a waste. lol
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aww the icon of the pet(s) is cute LOL
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I'm a little nervous now... I want to open the only 2 I have but I'm scared of a fail
*Considering I normally fail hardcore.* xD
I think I'll wait till I see an item list
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Codebreaking Glitch

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kitten tea
kitten tea
kitten tea

I was actually going to buy some more, at least one of each just in case there was something left at the end.
Well, people probably aren't going to buy from the CS, since there are so many items on the MP right now from it. But I don't see why they would remove them either... Unless of course Endgame is going to replace all of it.
I've just been reading through post, and didn't see anything about them being gone yet so figured I'd mention it...

I just assumed that we'd get a third rig and have 3 rigs on the go at once this month. Who knows what's going on here though lol This is the RIG of confusion after all.

I hope it opens before I go to work in ...less then an hour haha

Oh wow lol
I'd hate to go to work with this going on.
It would bug me so badly... then I'd be even more pissed.

It is weird to have 3 RIGS, and all of them going at once..
But I wonder if we are going to be able to win/lose and get the items in the previous mini-rigs, and that's why their gone.

The RIG it's self isn't so bad, I just wish we were told how it works before everyone jumped to buy $X amount of the RIGS

I actually prefer how this RIG worked to most other RIGs. so I'm kinda happy. It wasn't well explained with is the only downfall.

I do believe the endgame has all these previous items as well as new items.

And blarg, I kinda need to because I haven't got like any shifts cos someone else has come back and taken them DX

Same, I actually liked this RIG set up.
If it happened again, I think it would be okay because users would know what was going on the next time around.

I hate when that happens, and I hated when people would ask me for my shifts...
I need money too ya know!!

But if it was a closing shift.. hell yeah lol you can have it

I don't mind closing shift :3
Openning shifts though ughhh DX

But I'm a dish hand atm so I'm not really needed for opening haha
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Pink queen... wtf
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Benevolent Healer

So... Basically people wasted their money on the first two?
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wtf... everything is fail
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the pets are so cute
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I got the rig pet~!

Thistle and Tudor Rose.

Please put it up on the Marketplace so we can see it?

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