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I dont game often but I used t name my rooms things liek "RP with me" or "anime chat" it was a nice wat to meat friends or to be asked to be "left alone"
Im going to miss the nameing thing its sad people abused them even if TOS violation names were jokes or some thing.

so any how are you bumed? what did you name your chat rooms? or are you the kind who never made room names?

I notise theres a lot more chatting in slots then then puzles any one have an idea why?

what rooms do more people chat or not chat in?
I don't feel that bad. Chat room titles don't play a large part in my life. However, it's going to suck trying to find a silent chat room when I need to fish.
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I just didn't want my presence felt in games. Now with A mali's jigsaw room, so much for privacy. Thank goodness for the lock feature.
i am not bummed at all, its just the "name" feature that changed.
not the chatting itself, its gonna make the games fun smother and faster.
so im all for it
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I always named mine "Not Cybering or Emo"
Because thats what the games were always filled with.
Now I don't have to bother. 3nodding

I'm not bummed its not that big of a deal.
I don't mind it, it'll be nice not having "lesbian only" rooms. n_n
I'm not bummed as much as annoyed.

I always go/make Silent rooms because I don't like talking to people while I game, it's distracting, BUT I'm curious to know how other people are doing. I can't do that anymore because no one knows which rooms are silent and which aren't.
Thank 4/420 chan. Or encyclopedia dramatica.
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I don't care one bit,
I never really play games, let along make my own rooms!
Meh, big loss (Sarcasm, duh)

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not really. i barely play games anymore, anyway. C:
Ehh, not so mad. But it does make it harder for some people who play games alot, most likely they hangout with their friend while playing... Sad that people had to ruin it for us ;_;
No more room titles means no more "no talking" rooms, which means that n00bs are going to come into my room and try to talk to me while I'm playing unless I lock it, which means I'll look like a lonely loser at the top of my window.

It's a lose-lose situation. gonk
I kind of don't like it because I could accidently wander into a cyber room
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This sucks so much. I've always prefered chatting in gamerooms instead of forums, with a nice maximum of 6 people talking at a time, and the whole instantness of the messages.

I've meet so many friends through Slots or Jigsaw, from rooms titled "Dumbledore's Army" or "Anime" or "Naruto" or even "Silence is Golden". I'd stay away from RP's, "cyber plz?", went to silent chats if I really didn't want to chat, whatever.

Now, how am I suppoed to meet people with similar interests in a small environment? How am I supposed to avoid the cybering? Because even with these rooms violating the TOS, they aren't going away, now it's just going to be harder for the mods to find them and harder for people who want to chat appropriately while getting gold or tickets avoid them.

Damn. Now I'm not going to chat with anyone, since I only go to the forums to bump, tektek, or find a thread about this room title-ing abomination so I can rant about it.

R.I.P. my darling slots and jigsaw.
I'm kinda bummed cuz I hate talking while doing puzzles, I'm one of those people who rushes and finishes the puzzles really quickly, but it's kinda hard to do when there are people talking, I tend to start reading what they say even if I'm not talking to them

I think they should make talking vs no talking chat rooms 4laugh

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