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Melisserz's avatar

Dangerous Bookworm

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  • Brandisher 100
If it's available as an app on the Kindle+, I may just buy it on my sister's Kindle+. Even if I don't like it she'd probably love it; she loves pet games (and only likes The Sims series for the Pets Expansions)
Adnama Lavode's avatar

Stylish Collector

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  • Cat Fancier 100
That really reminds me of Lackadaisy Cats. I wonder if that's where the inspiration came from.
Mighty Stheno's avatar

Dangerous Warrior

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  • Conventioneer 300
  • Converting 1 item 100
I saw a preview at a convention this year.
I'll be buying it. I need something to distract me from my current Plants vs Zombies obsession! cat_cool
meep12345's avatar

Philosophizing Grunny

Huh... Pay for an App that does not benefit me at all on Gaia? I think not cat_talk2hand

Also, I'm still miff'd at what happened to zOMG... So, like SummerSprings, may you perish you pathetic, cat-filled iPhone App cat_razz
Fire 0ak's avatar

Buggy Mage

I wont be able to play but I hope its popular. I love the concept art, Good luck Gaia, It's looks really awesome! 4laugh
Buttercream Pendragon's avatar

Lavish Nerd

12,250 Points
  • Senpai's Notice 100
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  • Elysium's Gatekeeper 100
I really hope they'll make it for Android too, I like the concept and the drawings and I really hope it will be a huge income for Gaia ;3
Obi Aoi's avatar

Friendly Explorer

It reminds me of a comic series on Deviantart called Lackadaisy a bit 3nodding
I wonder what the game will be like, I think I will try it out smile

Edit: if this will be phone app only I'm screwed in that case sweatdrop
BiaA's avatar


Well it has high quality artwork, and it's adorable, but I didn't really understand what you do in game.

Probably won't get it too cause I don't own a smartphone
Dark_Maiden_Queen's avatar

8Bit N3ko's Wife

Fluffy Cat

20,850 Points
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  • Ultimate Player 200
I have a windows phone so I won't be able to. sad looks cute though
immortal cookies's avatar

Newbie Noob

Gaia sure like their cats.... Probably will give it a try though.
karwolf's avatar

Hot Lover

Oohh! It sounds cute but I'm unsure as to what kind of game it will be (like game mechanics, how to play) though it sounds like a fighting game? If it's free and doesn't expect too much for permissions (I have android) I'm down for supporting Gaia and trying new games =D

It would be cool if it was:
1.fight different cats of different difficulty levels
2.get money when you win fights
3.use money to buy "upgrades" for yourself to make you stronger
but that's assuming I'm correct to think it's a fighting game
Elynai's avatar

Dangerous Knight

If they bother to release it for the Android (which I doubt...) and it's free, I'll give it a try. No idea what it's about and I can't say I've ever liked any of Gaia's games that much, but it can't be terrible.
Pretty Pea Princess's avatar

Cluttered Businesswoman

It's so cute. The cats are so adorbs.
I want to play; however, my phone sucks. I don't have any electronic devices other than a crappy cellphone and my computer. Well, then again, I've got a gameboy advance and a DS, but nothing with the modern techno. Is there a chance that the game will be released on FB?
Kymla's avatar

Divine Demigod


do want it looks awesome!
It's so cute! emotion_kirakira
I wonder if they'll release items related to the game like they did with Heralds of Chaos?

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