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Invisible Mage

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Ahhh, this is the point where I love the fact that I opted for an ipad rather then a Vita. Getting the ability to play tons of fun app games is marvelous, and I can't wait to give this a try.

Hopefully though, they wont do the 'energy a day' crap that plagues the app games, because that's what I really disliked about the Monster Galaxy game for the ipad. Seriously who thinks that stuff is a good idea for their game for that thing?? It just becomes tedious. Also I hope that the balance isn't as horrid as MG was, because at one point it because a disgusting grind thanks to the lack of exp to progress, I could never get past level 15 because the amount of energy needed to level and fighting against 20+ monsters to actually get exp was dumb. Someone did not know how to design the games progress at all.

The art again is nice on the eyes like MG is, and I'm curious to see how much detail is actually put into the idea of customizing your kitty.

...The idea of the game on the app page sounds sort of like dog fights. Only with adorable chibi kitties.
Kentling's avatar

Manly Regular

if they make items out of this
they better make separate poses for the facial hair
Gaia knows how to get the attention of crazy cat people like myself. I'll have to try this kitty game on my iPad. A fighting game, though? Hm. I suck at those and don't have a lot of patience for them, but, kitties!
RAPsody Ltd's avatar

Inquisitive Spirit

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It looks fun and adorable! But... I don't have an iPhone or anything like it. Oh well.
Dan D Lie N's avatar

Beloved Perfectionist

i think it is adorable, and if it is free then hell yeah i will get it. the art is amazing... cats arent my think but i will make an exception
Meromictic's avatar

Casrial's Wife

Divine Senshi

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RAPsody Ltd
It looks fun and adorable! But... I don't have an iPhone or anything like it. Oh well.

Yeah. I hate how the site pretends that apple is the only company that makes a phone.
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Obsessive Muse

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looks fun, i hope is released soon.
And that they drop the energy cap thing also emotion_donotwant
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Kitties? kitties?!
Thanks god, I have an iPad. emotion_hug
Looks great, but don't have iphone sad
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Bashful Bookworm

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User Image

it's so cute it makes me want to throw up, then lose my soul to it

i'll drink to that
snufflypoo's avatar

Shameless Wench

My phone doesn't play games. *sob*
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Benevolent Genius

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It looks like it might be fun, but I can't play it.
User Image
kyOMG's avatar

Obsessive Werewolf

I will be getting this, as soon as it's available.

For some reason it reminds me a bit of the opening town in Kingdom Hearts 2... I completely forgot the name, though cat_xp
Snow Queen Quest's avatar

Mega Man-Lover

if they make items out of this
they better make separate poses for the facial hair

It should come in multiple colors too. That is the only true way to appease the cat gods!
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Sir Schmerz's Husband

Witty Risk-Taker

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I would like to try this game out, but... I don't have any iProducts.

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