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Lindpen's avatar

Smitten Pumpkin

It's so cute! I just downloaded it and played a few rounds. I rescued Waffles from the pound. cat_whee I love the art, and...kitties!! I'll probably link some friends to it.

Edited to add: The "swagger" shop has a "skins" tab! Gaia knows us well.
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Savage Sweetheart

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This game makes my ipod sad. Haven't gotten to play since it keeps crashing.
Soporose's avatar


Hmm I don't know if my little iTouch can take any more games. xD But I'm not sure what I want from this game. I like things that are cute but also violent...? Uh yeah I think I'll download it anyway and see what it's like. xD
Fractale's avatar

Distinct Explorer

played it. Took an immediate liking to it. KITTENS! My only disappointment comes from my having to delete and reinstall the game, and start back at the beginning, because the latest update failed to load some of the images. ):

i think it's super cool they already have a 'puppy version' of this game in the works, for those dog lovers
Shiarka Jonless's avatar

Magic Hunter

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  • Fusion Apprentice 100
I'd probably get it if I had the right kind of device.

Too bad there aren't any videos of gameplay online.
So this is probably a stupid question but...Does anyone know how to earn those crowns?? D:

Edit: Nevermind, you guys. I figured it out. rolleyes
teacup mouse's avatar

Partying Smoker

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Munkey Bunkey
I like the sassy kitty on the right. I want an "I am" of her. emotion_kirakira
I wish we would get a mini rig to promote the game. emotion_dowant
On Topic: I don't have an iPhone so I won't be able to play. But I would like to play it.

I must whole heartily agree.
Tiaramisuu's avatar

Ruthless Recalibrator

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I dislike that it's iphone specific.
Bndy Straw_'s avatar

Festive Hunter

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i am soooo bummed that i can't play this game because i have IOS 4.2.1
Serethielle's avatar

Adored Darling

I would love to have it, but it costs money. - A -
old acct oh well's avatar

Benevolent Cutesmasher

is there any way to link this game with my gaia account?
i have begun playing it.

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Cluttered Kitten

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User Image
I don't have an iPhone myself, but I was able to borrow my sister's iPhone last night to check out Rumble Kitten.
It was absolutely adorable! The graphics were so well done & the gameplay was very smooth & entertaining.
RK definitely made me wish I had an iPhone myself so I could play the game whenever I wanted to.

My fingers felt really big while I played, even though I have tiny fingers. xD
I guess I'm just not used to swiping such small screens, haha.
Hikobane's avatar

Desirable Ladykiller

it's so cute ; _____ ;
I got it...it has like an anti-addiction system with the energy thing so it's all good
Ping of Death's avatar

Bashful Exhibitionist

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I'll pass. Not interested at all.
savipersssss's avatar

Dangerous Hoarder

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Shiarka Jonless
I'd probably get it if I had the right kind of device.

Too bad there aren't any videos of gameplay online.

think fruit ninja

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