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Maybe they are very very tiny little coins... o.o

Interesting... I see my gold as coins. But you have coins of different values. 1k, 5k, 50k, ect.

But no matter what it looks like, it doesn't keep me from spending all of mine.


I thought of it like a dollar bill, but instead of it being green, it being gold.


but, I wouldn't mind gold coins.
Less likely for people to steal it!

btw, Nice Darth Maul cosplay

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I'd offer my pockets to those poor, overburdened rich people.
I see them as gold coins, my avatar uses a Gaia Gold Debit Card.
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I just bring my dimentionally transdentall bag around with me. Not heavy at all and never full.
id have to hold lots of coins
Get with the AGES man. I'd hold everything in my Gaia debit card. cool
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That's why I only carry 38k at the moment.

That and my auction isn't exactly turning out like I thought it would.


But I don't think it's a problem. I guess we have debit cards or the gold pieces change with worth.
♥♥ Interesting thought. I thought of Gaia coins as individual round golden coins, but as the value increases, the coin grows shinier *w*

*cough* But I would grab a Gaia Credit Card and charge it to my account in a jiffy. xD I just hope they don't charge interest for that. o3o ♥♥
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I have no need to worry about the weight of gaia conage, nore the heaveyness of items in my inventory. I have a bag of holding, soloves all carying trubles. 3nodding
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:'D I wouldn't have to worry about my back because I'm broke crying
Personally my avi wouldn't have a large amount of coinage to carry around. Instead I invested in couture gaian fashion.

I think if it where real then it might be very light coins (like that fake plastic stuff kids play with) or a debit card of some sort. smile
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I'd like to think of my gold as bills. So much lighter then real gold XD
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I would like to see then realease credit cards in the stores..Just ones you can equip for fun. xd

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