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I actually sell only certain trash every time I go to towns.

But hey, It actually beats than playing Booty Grab 50x a day. sweatdrop

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I used to collect it until I'd find someone questing those items then I'd dump it all on them, but now that I"m questing I sell it in the MP each day save one day that I use to donate whatever I gather to a friend for her quest lol.
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I love them too. I used some of them for alchemy but I don't sell or dump them. I just like collecting them because they're easier to acquire than the avi items.
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Demonic Vampire

Oh man...
I keep wanting to clean it all out.
I think I still have loot from ZOMG! that needs cleaning.

>>; But I'm too lazy to either dump them all
or donate them to someone.
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I collect trash/junk and sell them. I don't care enough about keeping them/using them, and there are people out there who do want them. Everyone wins! I keep all my bugs and turn them into ink, though.
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I'm definitely a hoarder. Even in real life I can't let things go easily (but I don't keep actual trash xp ). My inventory is full of trash, and I am actively collecting lake trash to trade in for items as my current quest. Most of the insects/flowers/trash just sit in my inventory, but its all neatly organized so I don't mind having them there - and I like seeing the numbers next to them go up as well.
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I don't really mind on those type of trash, since hobo's think these as treasure.
Those trash are valuable for making alchemy cases/caches.

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