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The average Gaia user is...

Generally decent, polite, helpful, etc. 0.22222222222222 22.2% [ 68 ]
More often okay, but still notably bad at times. 0.51960784313725 52.0% [ 159 ]
Mostly bad, but sometimes at the very least TOLERABLE 0.14705882352941 14.7% [ 45 ]
Very rude, selfish, annoying, etc. 0.11111111111111 11.1% [ 34 ]
Total Votes:[ 306 ]
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The answers from the poll ring true, I think.
In an ideal world everyone would be decent, polite and helpful but in reality nobody's perfect and every Gaia user has moments where they slip up.
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I've been lucky that most of the people I talk to are civil or friendly. Most of the time I'm ignored and that works for me as well. The ones who make a fool of themselves on the Internet are fun to watch but I stay away from them as much as possiblr.

If I consider only the forums I go to, I think most of those Gaians are okay. I can't say the same for the others.
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are you asking me to judge every single person in Gaia? O A O
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Wheezing Gekko

I'd say I'm pretty much neutral about everyone on Gaia.

However, the type of users that annoy me the most are the ones being disrespectful to the mods and devs when they're trying their hardest to do things, the ones who start to pick a fight with you just because you disagree with somethings, and the ones who are quick to call you a bully/troll when you disagree with them. There's probably more, but that's pretty much what I dislike about some Gaians. neutral
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Eh, Gaia users just seem like normal people. Since I tend to lurk in SF and GCD, they tend to be pretty polite and a little goofy when responding to their friends. But then there are also your hand full of drama queens, rude/obnoxious people, scammers, and snooty, kind of bratty users. It's big enough thankfully that you can find the forum(s) with people you can tolerate and avoid the others.

I'm just kind of fine lurking and posting a bit. If I hated the overall Gaian population, I probably wouldn't be here xD.

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I really like the GCD and SF for the users although I do think you guys can be pretty big a** kissers with a kind of 'gaia does no evil' attitude for even some very valid criticisms. Def one of the best/most mature sub communities on gaia.

Most approachable would have to be towns. People there are really friendly and willing to engage in conversation. It definitely has a rep of being a 'noob cyber hungry place' which totally is not warranted, aside from the topic titles which have little to no relevancy to the rooms.

Barton is a mix of very low intelligence and an alarmingly small vocabulary with the occasional diamond in the rough.

GD are basement dwellers who idk sit around and take pics of themselves all day. Admittedly I do not understand this side of gaia at all and don't really want to.

A lot of the rest of gaia is overrun with egomaniacs and/or people who think ad hominem is a valid argument.

Overall: Gaia is a place on the internet and has just as many dbags as any other place on the internet.
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Fluffy Glitch

It's within GCD that I stalk anymore given the guild I was a part of died, which is sad because it was an awesome guild full of friendly and random people.

For the most part, in my experience, gaians are okay. We all have our own ideas and opinions and sometimes life can get the best of us and we express that through typed words.

Any who get under my skin due to a rude comment I've pretty much ignored them. There's only been one time where what was said to me was uncalled for and I did react quite passionately but after a rant I felt better and continued on with life. What's the point in mulling over one person's comment? That one person shouldn't dictate how I feel about Gaia.

That's how I pretty much view anyone who's comments I don't particularly care for is: Should that really affect me so much to where I quit/go on a rampage/etc? Not worth my time nor efforts.
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[[ I just assume that by default, nobody likes me unless I give them a reason. ]]
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I have had some fantastic experiences on here - mostly a while ago when I was still more active. I have also had some major creepers, and some.. just plain strange encounters. These seem to have occurred more recently. (I'd say the level of awesome people has stayed the same, but time has increased the scary encounters.)

Having said that, one year I had a friend visit from England who wanted to go to an anime con. Gaia was having a panel there, so I thought I'd check it out, get some free stuff, what have you.. Give me something to do. I didn't wind up staying for the panel, because the Gaians I met in that line were outright terrifying. >___>
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In general, I like you guys. I haven't used my ignore list in years... and I'm generally happy to just lurk about the GCD e-stalking all of you.

But I'm not sure I could handle large groups of you in real life. I probably wouldn't go to another Gaia meetup - the one I went to, you wouldn't stop complaining about the Cash Shop and how Gaia sold out... and I just wasn't in the mood to hear it. Admittedly, that was a few years ago. There's no way I could survive a Gaia panel at a convention either. All that screaming... gonk

So yeah. You just stay where you are and I'll just stay where I am and we'll call it good.
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I have close to no harsh judgement about any Gaian here or anywhere else. And 'm happy about that. 3nodding
Like what everyone has said, mostly everyone here are pretty nice. 3nodding
A few rotten apples from then and there, but we can all learn to to go past them.
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In a general sense, I think Gaians are a pretty decent and helpful bunch. I have no problem answering questions for newbies and more often than not, my questions are answered accurately and nicely by others. Of course there are a few jerks, but that's true of anyplace, online or not. Overall, people are decent.
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Eh, I guess as a whole I'd say Gaians are fairly decent. Sure we've got our fair share of assholes, but mostly they get smacked down pretty quick. I semi-regularly frequent another forum community and the community as a whole there feels a lot different. Like everyone is pretending to be so ******** sweet and polite and it makes me want to punch people. I like the fact that most Gaians seem to lack this. Of course I really only lurk/post in a few forums so the rest of the site could be a cesspit for all I know. *shrug*

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