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Weird, I only got like 60% of what you guys got. Back to thread.
how you get durapuff sign?
You get quoted by someone who has it.
Congratulation, your now in Durepuff.
so wait, if you quote me, then I too will have a durepuff?
The event is over so it doesnt matter anymore.
If you would have had Dev notices turned on you would have seen the announcment
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I have notices on and I didn't get one for the event being over, didn't see it in the actual dev thread either...the link still works though. Still would love to know what the actual letters mean since they certainly don't spell "nine years hack the planet". Guess I'll just work on it myself for fun....

Update - Just googled the letters and found the Gaia Wiki. http://gaia.wikia.com/wiki/Gaia's_9th_Anniversary

So, apparently N=A..which I have no clue how we were supposed to figure that out without using a deciphering program. Because I like to try and figure stuff out for myself, I feel like using a code cracker would be the last resort. Where's the fun otherwise? But usually with that type of code, one is at least given one of the parts, such as the "N=A" to be used as a jumping off point. Really how are we supposed to know it's that kind of code otherwise?
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I saw bolded letters also. What exactly do we do with them?

Read the first page emotion_facepalm

Your first post doesn't say what you do with the decoded jumble and what it gets you. rolleyes

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