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Moonlight Carnivore

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Isn't one of the blacked out items Onei the Dark Unicorn? Hopefully there's a cool recolour.
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Dapper Swapper

This land is my land, this land ain't your land. I've got a shotgun and you ain't got one.

Rosamunds passion is pink? emo
Dreams for cobalt crushed.
Looks like only thing I may possibly want now is those long hair.


So you better get off or I'll blow your head off, this land is private property!
Happy thanksgiving heart Tyrant
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Feral Bunny

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All are practically 5000 GC

Like why can't for once some of the items be cheaper.....
Like do all the sets have to be that much? :T
2500 is decent
even 1500 for once....

I'm excited for the Bangs & Hubris however, I don't have the money to drop on them.

There are some 500 GC and 1000 GC things there o;
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Bookish Hellraiser

The Belle Kittens for 500 GC each is super tempting. Especially Copper and Golden.
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Sweet Strawberry

I'm very curious about the new items and recolors! Too bad we can't preview them until they go on sale. I am limiting myself to one "big ticket" item (if any), and then I'll pick up at least one of the Belles with what GC I have remaining.

Btw I'm pretty sure Disgrace of Hubris is a new item, not a recolor of Inconsolable Hunger!
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Princess Nerd

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Guys I'm going to be updating more in a minute! I have to discuss something about a convention real fast since they gave me group the wrong time.
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Diamond Conquest

Disgrace of Hubris - gold (?) recolor of Inconsolable Hunger

Hubris is a new item.
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Durem Mage

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It looks like Moonlight Silverstene is a recolor of Midnight Violeztin. I could be wrong. sweatdrop

I am curious about the new items. I want to see how they look first before making any decisions about getting them.

I kind of want another Dark Heart and Keiko's Cake, but I'm not sure yet. confused

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Vicious Brawler

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There's a lot of stuff I want (for like $10, even), which makes me sad because I'm not buying any of it because it'll just encourage them (not like it's going to stop this from being a success and Gaia from continuing to blast us with "HEY KIDS BUY EVEN MORE OF OUR PIXEL CRAP FOR INSANE PRICES!!!!!1", but it'll help me sleep easier at night).

But yeah, Rainy Day (I've always wanted that jacket), Shin's Tenacity, Interstellar Bounty, all that stuff? Yep.
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Handsome Exhibitionist

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Interstellar Bounty 1000 Wed: 6am

Rosamund's Passion 3000
Thurs 5pm
Princess of the Heavens 5000
Thurs 9pm

Golden Belle 500
Sat 6pm

Amusing Manner 2500
Sun 6pm

Butterfly Jab 2500
Mon 5pm

some are interests for possible gifts to friends
ONLY thing catching my eye is Amusing Manner ninja

Princess of the Heavens has peaked my interest

I have 50M saved up, and maybe it won't be so bad once it hits the marketplace... /shot
not a sale !
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I got curious as to how many male to female items they're selling, most efficient way (as I was looking through the list and tallying) I ran through the list and put a dot on them. Then counted up the dots.
User Image

For the new items, I just assumed from the icon.
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Diamond Conquest

Also, new item count:

2 male, 9 female, 2 neutral (might be 1 depending on Hubris)

Not sure why I expected otherwise rolleyes
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Fashionable Shapeshifter

My limit for gaia is $50, could get the princess of the world I wanted but there is so many othe pretty things on sale as well.

Decided to get the most bang for my buck and I'm getting the Ginga Acceleration, Virigl Rosenthal and catching any other items they did not add on the schedule that is $30 or less.

I'm waiting for the bitter chocolate to release to see if I want it, may replace my Dark chocolate with this item since it so hard to match with the browns.

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