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Normally I post a "GC to gold" conversion thread, but I threw that out the window since there is no general converstion anymore since 25 dollars can be worth anywhere from 12 mil to 29 mil! So ******** that noise! Alternatively, I have decided to do an item thread and organize any items by their prices! If I miss ANYTHING please link me to the items!

Items OVER 5000 GC:

User Image 2k13 Rare Pet Pack
User Image 2k13 Rare Pet Pack (2 Pack)
User Image 2k13 Rare Pet Pack (5 Pack)
User Image Dumpling the Bear -- Exclusive Rare Pet from 2k13 Rare Pet Pack
User Image Inverse Marionette -- Exclusive to the Marionette Bundle
User Image Israfil's Wings
User Image Jophiel's Wings
User Image SDPlus PLATINUM Blind Box (3 Pack)
User Image SDPlus PLATINUM Blind Box (5 Pack)

NEW Items:
New Items:
Amusing Manner
Azure Mystere
Disgrace of Hubris
Maisy Lovely Locks
Somber Bloom
Wintergreen Refrain

New Recolors:
Bitter Sweets - Recolor of User Image Dark Chocolate

Butterfly Jab - Recolor of User Image Butterfly Kick

Fiery Ascension - Recolor of User Image Icy Ascension

Marionette's Bangs - Recolor of the marionette bangs from...
User Image SDPlus #118 Pale Marionette
User Image Ashen Marionette

Moonlight Silverstene - Recolor of User Image Midnight Violeztin

Princess of the Heavens - Recolor of...
User Image Princess of the World
User Image Princess of the Universe

Rosamund's Passion - Recolor of...
User Image Rosamund's Revenge
User Image Rosamund's Redemption
User Image Rosamund's Devotion

Links will be added as theyre available!

5000 GC Items:

User Image Moonlight Silverstene
User Image Wintergreen Refrain
User Image Azure Mystere
User Image Disgrace of Hubris
User Image Maisy Lovely Locks
User Image Moonlight Silverstene
User Image SDPlus PLATINUM Blind Box
User Image Rosamund's Passion
User ImagePrincess Of The Heavens
Somber Bloom
User Image Monsieur Loyal's Reprise
User ImageTrickster's Gimmick

User ImagePrincess Of The World

User ImageMellow Cryptodira

User ImageSandman's Dreams

User ImageBound Warlock

User ImageNice Suit For Work

User ImageStrawberry Ribbon Candy

User ImageStellar Rain
User ImageFaust's Bottle

User ImageOne Winged Soldier

3000 GC Items:
Rosamund's Passion
User ImageMinty Kisses

User ImageStar Tamer

User ImagePerky Melody

User ImageA New Year

User ImageBlade Of The Night Sky

User ImageWorkshop Flora

User ImageDoufu Hua

User Image Whim Sea

2500 and 2000 GC items

User Image Marionette's Bangs
Fiery Ascension

User Image Rainy Day
User ImageLoving Manner
User ImageCutthroat Cook
User ImageGinga Acceleration
User ImageHonorable Arc
User ImageLoathing Style
User ImageThe Celestial Queen of Solair
User ImageKing Of Campus
User ImagePandalita
User ImageAkihabara Nobody

1500 and 1000 GC GC Items:
User ImagePuppeteer
User ImageThe Jabberwock
User ImageBlushing Light Charmer
User ImageAnzen Rider
User ImageInterstellar Bounty'
User ImageAamira The Serene
User ImageVirgil Rosenthal
User ImageWhite Russian
User Image Faded Revenant
User Image Pious Cleric
User Image Shin's Tenacity
User Image Petulant Enchanter
User Image Furious Lost Boy

Items less than 1000 GC:
User ImageCassiopeia Cutie
User ImageLovely Lovely Lady
User Image Keiko's Cake 2nd Gen
User Image Golden Belle
User Image Copper Belle
User Image Blue Belle
User Image Wintry Kisses
User Image Dark Heart 2nd Gen.

Special Bundles:

User Image Marionette Bundle
User Image Ashen Marionette
User Image Crimson Marionette
User Image Icy Marionette
User Image Inverse Marionette -- Bundle Exclusive

User Image Lovely Pink Bundle
User Image Astra-14: Sakura Breeze
User Image Lunarian's Pink Bao
User Image Magical Miracle Mage
User Image Strawberry Sundae Sweets

User Image Refreshing Blue Bundle
User Image S-Pop Club: Rayna 2nd Gen
User Image Stoic Lost Boy
User Image Sweet Lunarian
User Image Winsor

User Image Rina Collection Bundle
User Image Astra-14: Sakura Breeze
User Image Cream the Kitten
User Image Cupcake Darling
User Image Faustine's Bottle
User Image Neapolitan Pandalita
User Image Ribbon Candy
User Image SDPlus #009 Rina
User Image Shy Gardener
User Image Summer Violet
User Image Unicorn

User Image Brennivin Collection Bundle
User Image Black Magus
User Image Black Swan
User Image Clockwork Headmaster
User Image Dante's Divine Verdict
User Image Decadent Frosting
User Image Golden Petals
User Image Her Raiding Majesty
User Image Kanoko's Nightmares
User Image Swanky Gent
User Image The Rose of Fontainebleau

This is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION! If you'd like to help, please copypast this code with the item info?

[url= item url here] [img]item image link here[/img] item name here[/url]

After I add all the items, I will add a "before sale" price of the items~

Discussion points:

Item List Image:
User Image

-Are you happy with the selection?
-What do you think of the sheer volume of items?
-Is there anything you wish was in this sale?
-Do you think we will have a special RIG this time? (like the Pet Rescue or Gold Blind Box?)
-Will you be spending money or reaping items from the MP at decreased prices?


-Midnight: Maisy Lovely Locks, Moonlight Silverstene, Mellow Cryptodira
-1 AM - 11 AM: ??? items
-1 AM - 3 AM: Loving Manner
-4AM - 6 AM: Interstellar Bounty
-5 AM - 7 AM: Minty Kisses
-8 AM - 11 AM: Puppeteer
-11 AM: Wintergreen Refrain, Tricksters Gimmick, Monsieur Loyal
-12 PM - 5 PM: ??? items
-12 PM - 2 PM: Star Tamer
-12 PM - 3 PM: Anzen Rider
-3PM - 6 PM: Cutthroat Cook
-6PM: Azue Mystere, Princess Of The World, Sandman Dreams
-7PM - 8PM: Perky Melody
-7PM - 11 PM: Blushing Light Charmer
-8PM - 12AM: Marionette Bangs
-10 PM - 12 AM: The Jabberwock
(adding more slowly)

-Midnight: Disgrace Of Hubris, Bound Warlock, One Winged Soldier
-1 AM - 11 AM: ??? items
-1 AM - 3 AM: Ginger Acceleration
-4AM - 6 AM: Workshop Flora
-5 AM - 7 AM: Aamira the Serene
-8 AM - 11 AM: Honorable Arc
-11 AM: Azure Mystere, Nice Suit For Work, Faust's bottle
-2 PM - 5 PM: Rosamund's Passion
-12 PM - 2 PM: Blade Of The Night Sky
-12 PM - 3 PM: Cassiopeia Cutie
-3PM - 6 PM: Loathing Style
-6PM: Princess Of The Heavens, Strawberry Ribbon Candy, Stellar Rain
-7PM - 12AM: ??? items
-7PM - 10 PM: A New Year
-10PM - 12AM: Celestial Queen Of Solair
-7PM - 10 PM: Keiko's Cake 2nd Gen


-Midnight: Wintergreen Refrain, Tricksters Gimmick, Sandman Dreams
-1 AM - 11 AM: ??? Items
-1 AM - 4 AM: King Of Campus
-4AM - 6 AM: Pandalita
-3AM - 6 AM: White Russian
-7 AM - 11 AM: Celestial Queen Of Solair
-11 AM: Princess Of The Heavens, Princess Of The World, Mellow Cryptodira
-12 PM - 4 PM: Fiery Ascension
-12 PM - 3 PM: Minty Kisses
-12 PM - 3 PM: Lovely Lovely Lady
-2PM - 6 PM: Puppeteer
-6PM: Somber Bloon, Moonlight Silverstene, Monsieur Loyal
-7PM - 12AM: ??? Items
-7PM - 10 PM: Doufu Hua
-7PM - 11 PM: Virgil Rosenthal
-10PM - 12AM: Akihabara Nobody

Timetable from sat-mon by She-who-loves-hyphens
-Midnight: Azure Mystrere (5000 GC), Nice Suit for Work (5000 GC), Stellar Rain (5000 GC)
-1 AM - 3 AM: King of Campus (2000 GC)
-2 AM - 6 AM: Pious Cleric (1000 GC)
-4AM - 6 AM: A New Year (3000 GC)
-7 AM - 10 AM: Ginga Acceleration (2000 GC)
-11 AM: Somber Bloom (5000 GC), Strawberry Ribbon Candy (5000 GC), One Winged Soldier (5000 GC)
-12 PM - 2 PM: Workshop Flora (3000 GC)
-12 PM - 3 PM: Golden Belle (500 GC)
-3 PM - 5 PM: Loving Manner (2500 GC)
-6 PM: Maisy Lovely Locks (5000 GC), Bound Warlock (5000 GC), Faust’s Bottle (5000 GC)
-7 PM – 9 PM: Whim Sea (3000 GC)
-8 PM - 12 AM: Wintry Kisses (500 GC), Bitter Sweets (2500 GC)
-10PM - 12AM: Faded Revenant (1500 GC)

-Midnight: Princess of the Heavens (5000 GC), Princess of the World (5000 GC), Monsieur Loyal (5000 GC)
-1 AM - 3 AM: Loathing Style (2500 GC)
-3 AM - 6 AM: Shin’s Tenacity (1000 GC)
-4AM - 6 AM: Star Tamer (3000 GC)
-7 AM - 10 AM: Loving Manner (2500 GC)
-11 AM: Maisy Lovely Locks (5000 GC), Moonlight Silverstene (5000 GC), The Sandman Dreams (5000 GC)
-12 PM - 2 PM: Doufa Hua (3000 GC)
-12 PM - 3 PM: Amusing Manner (2500 GC), Copper Belle (500 GC)
-2 PM - 5 PM: Faded Revenant (1500 GC)
-6PM: Disgrace of Hubris (5000 GC), Trickster’s Gimmick (5000 GC), Mellow Cryptodira (5000 GC)
-7PM - 9 PM: Blade of the Night Sky (3000 GC)
-8PM - 12AM: Petulant Enchanter (1000 GC)
-10PM - 11 PM: Cutthroat Cook (2000 GC)

-Midnight: Somber Bloom (5000 GC), Strawberry Ribbon Candy (5000 GC), Faust’s Bottle (5000 GC)
-1 AM - 2 AM: Honorable Arc (2000 GC)
-3 AM - 6 AM: Dark Heart (500 GC)
-4AM - 6 AM: Pandalita (2500 GC)
-6 AM - 10 AM: Akihabara Nobody (2000 GC)
-11 AM: Disgrace of Hubris (5000 GC), Bound Warlock (5000 GC), Stellar Rain (5000 GC)
-12 PM - 2 PM: A New Year (3000 GC)
-12 PM - 3 PM: Blue Belle (500 GC)
-2 PM - 5 PM: Butterfly Jab (2500 GC)
-3PM - 5 PM: The Jabberwock (1500 GC)
-6PM: Wintergreen Refrain (5000 GC), Nice Suit for Work (5000 GC), One Winged Soldier (5000 GC)
-7PM - 9 PM: Workshop Flora (3000 GC)
-8PM – 11 PM: Furious Lost Boy (1000 GC)
-10PM – 11 PM: Rainy Day (2000 GC)

Psst if anyone can help make a text version of the time-tables thatd be great:
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if it helps, this is what i have so far ^^

Trying to list what the new items that are listed so far in the schedule are smilies/icon_xd.gif also posting if it's a known recolor or not ^_^

Azure Mystere
Marionette's Bangs
Wintergreen Refrain
Maisy Lovely Locks
Disgrace of Hubris - gold (?) recolor of Inconsolable Hunger
Somber Bloom
Amusing Manner
Princess of the Heavens -recolor of princess of the world (?)
Rosamund's Passion -pink recolor of rosamund
Moonlight Silverstene
Fiery Ascension
Bitter Sweets -black (?) recolor of Dark Chocolate
Butterfly Jab -Red recolor of Butterfly Kick
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Honestly I was hoping for a lot more since we've had the releases of so many 2003 and other rare collectible items which were monthly donations, so I was thinking that maybe there would be something.

Honestly, the ONLY things that even stroke my interest are the Belles and that's more because I like cats and they are $5 each, nothing more than that.
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I want so many things hhelp

I must raise the monies emotion_donotwant
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Was hoping for Crimson Marionette crying
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Rosamund's Passion. I want it already!
King Caelum's avatar

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No recolor blessing. emotion_donotwant
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All are practically 5000 GC

Like why can't for once some of the items be cheaper.....
Like do all the sets have to be that much? :T
2500 is decent
even 1500 for once....

I'm excited for the Bangs & Hubris however, I don't have the money to drop on them.
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Muscular Fatcat

Thanks for making this thread!

Look forward to the mystery items that are probably overpriced. rofl
weddup's avatar

Greedy Bunny

The only thing I'm buying for sure is Amusing Manner.. that's what I'm telling my wallet. mad
Aliareana's avatar

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Also, I'm happy Blue Belle is available. I've been kicking myself for not buying one when they were 300k.
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Gracious Worshipper

Blade of the night sky
Rainy Day
Finally ...... cool
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Deadly Cultist

Tempted to get a Cassiopeia Cutie! Compared to what they've been charging...$5 isn't bad emotion_sweatdrop
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-looks at all the items on sale-
-looks at gold on hand-

Well I'm happy at the very least that Mellow's on sale. Sad King of Terra is absent.
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ll Oreoo ll
Thanks for making this thread!

Look forward to the mystery items that are probably overpriced. rofl

They're at the bottom.
One 1000 GC thing that's a re-release, and almost all of the recolors down there are 100 bucks ++

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