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Timid Gaian

I haven't kept up with the MCs in such a long time, but I will probably always favor the headphones/minis ( 2 down, 2 to go ) as favorites. Symbolically, the halo was a favorite just for the meaning it had, but now that's been taken away from a bit. I mean, to buy one you ARE giving the site $1000, but the original donators never knew they were going to be repaid.

There haven't been any in a good long while I've wanted to own.
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Tiny Strawberry

I have such a hard time choosing.. I've always been a bit in love with the Chyaku Norisu Scarf, but there are so many others that are nice too.
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Hallowed Phantom

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I am rather disappointed in this month's MC's. They lack originality or are uninspired. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if so many romance-related CI's, Recolors/Flash Sales weren't being shoved down our throats this month. Seriously, I feel like the creativity for this month is being sucked dry with those things.
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Hallowed Phantom

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I totally forgot which ones came out for March right now. I'll talk about them soon though.
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Super Noob

I like the armor/sword thing that came out last month. The female one with the sword and awesome shiny silver armor.

Yeah, that's my favourite. Not only is it beautifully pixelated, it has legit high quality non-fanservicey armor and interesting poses/mods that look ******** AMAZING on my female account. Not to mention the colours match well with things and it even has a mouth mod.
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