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DONATION ITEMS, WOOT! 0.29702214303894 29.7% [ 1167 ]
Go expensive ones! 0.076355306693815 7.6% [ 300 ]
The older ones are better... 0.20717739882922 20.7% [ 814 ]
I luff the new stuff.^^ 0.079155001272588 7.9% [ 311 ]
Free gold...it'll help me get one of them! O.o 0.34029015016544 34.0% [ 1337 ]
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I've probably posted in this thread already, but oh well.

Mini angel wings, mini nitemare wings, Horns of the demon, OMG, angelic pendant, grunny, angelic and nitemare scarves, chain wallet, nitemare sash, demonic and winged anklets, OMG scarf, masterpieces.
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oh my jebous, reading the first page of this scared me, i thought i was in a different forum O.O
that aside, i really love the Junos Lace MC. The original white one, the new recolors have gotten a bit crazy, mostly because i want all ofthem and they are supa expensive lol. It's my favorite because it layers with EVERYTHING!!!! And if you pair it with any number of corsets it's really pretty lol.


Yes it's quite old and, unfortunately, a little out of date in terms of a nice, simple list link like I used ot have. That and the posts from 2006 were full of young'ins. I do like the Juno's lace MC myself since it is pretty darn elegant. It's nice that they made so many recolors, but I also feel like Gaia is recolor happy and the MCs are overshadowed by the endless recolors of the original.
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DNA Polymerase
DNA Polymerase
damnn i just realized this thread was from 2006 surprised

Yup, my thread is old. u.u
Though, while it may be ancient, it is still relavent for discussing the various MCs that exist and continue to come into being.

lol yes it is still relevant, im glad they didnt get rid of "donation" items and kept the tradition going.
speaking of ancient, and going on topic, my favorite mc is ancient katana c: love that weapon. it actually seems really well made as compared to many of the other sword items so far.

Yes, I'm glad that they have kep the MC tradition (or Donation Item from the old terminology) alive, but I definitely feel like it's being overshadowed by the endless recoloring of items and constand bombardment by flash sales and limited items. So little pomp and cirucumstance these days! sad
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Wow this thread is old XD

I find it hard to decide between Dew Drop and Fading Ember. Both completely different items but I love them for the same reason: they are beautiful and elegant and flowy and extremely versatile.
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Have I posted here before? I can't remember. emotion_0A0

My favourite donation item is definitely the Holy Gauntlets. I use it on my usual avatar and I just love the look of it. I just wish it was a nicer shade of gold.

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