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What is your preferred/favorite type of Donation Item? Feel free to elaborate in a post in the thread as well.

Newer ones. 0.29166666666667 29.2% [ 14 ]
Older ones. 0.25 25.0% [ 12 ]
"Valuable" ones. 0.14583333333333 14.6% [ 7 ]
Animal base ones (exclusively). 0.083333333333333 8.3% [ 4 ]
Human base ones (exclusively). 0.22916666666667 22.9% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 48 ]
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Blessed Hero

I haven't kept up with the MCs in such a long time, but I will probably always favor the headphones/minis ( 2 down, 2 to go ) as favorites. Symbolically, the halo was a favorite just for the meaning it had, but now that's been taken away from a bit. I mean, to buy one you ARE giving the site $1000, but the original donators never knew they were going to be repaid.

There haven't been any in a good long while I've wanted to own.
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Invisible Attacker

I have such a hard time choosing.. I've always been a bit in love with the Chyaku Norisu Scarf, but there are so many others that are nice too.
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I am rather disappointed in this month's MC's. They lack originality or are uninspired. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if so many romance-related CI's, Recolors/Flash Sales weren't being shoved down our throats this month. Seriously, I feel like the creativity for this month is being sucked dry with those things.
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I totally forgot which ones came out for March right now. I'll talk about them soon though.
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I like the armor/sword thing that came out last month. The female one with the sword and awesome shiny silver armor.

Yeah, that's my favourite. Not only is it beautifully pixelated, it has legit high quality non-fanservicey armor and interesting poses/mods that look ******** AMAZING on my female account. Not to mention the colours match well with things and it even has a mouth mod.
Ninja Headband heart
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The theme for this month's collectibles is rather nice and I'm always a fan of new leg/arm mods for avatars. It's good to note that they have an animal form collectible too, since it seems they might start including them in MC envelopes henceforth.
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My opinion has probably already been done to death in a 100+ page thread, but:
I think the older ones were better, and I liked them more when they were 2 neutral items (for the most part), not one male and one female exclusively.

New ones I mainly pass on, however I was extremely pleased with Ivory Baronet
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Any 2003 item is a great jewel. heart Packed ones are even nicer. cool
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i like adelpha's resolve from march '14 , but i don't have it. x.x
i joined in 2007, and from that year i like summoning tome (it has birds and dragons QuQ) and gift of the goddess the most, i used to own those! 2007 had the best mcs~ ;D
i recently bought gothic veil again... i don't know why, i just like it.

(i love how old this thread is lmao)
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the highest quitter


ROFLMAO!!!! rofl
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Wheezing Member

Horns of the Demon. 3nodding
They're simple, yet everything we ever needed for demonic horns on our heads.

They were the first item I truly quested for.

Snagged them when they were 90k, I did!

..They're gone now.

But I got jekyll's morality and some other items out of em. :b
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Tenacious Spirit

The OMFG, the Phoenix Circlet, and the Coco Kitty Plushie.

The OMFG can be used for so many different avatars, both cute and 'scary'! It can be used for cold and warm outfits, and since it is black with white, it fits almost any color scheme. Plus, it looks so squashy and snuggly, I wish I had one!

The Pheonix Circlet is awesome, alright? I think it was the 'second halo' of the site. A flaming circlet, halo, tail, heart, and that pose no one likes, what is not to love about it? Sure, the colors are harder to match because it is an older orange/red item, but still.

The Coco Kitty is a cat plushie. 'Nough said.
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Honestly, the last few donation items have been wonderful: from about November 2013 - present. Great poses, well designed, and stuff I can actually use. Its been great, actually.

Back when I first joined, in 2004, I'd always wanted the Angelic Scarf. Nowadays, I feel as if there are so many other items out there that fit the bill and possess more than one single pose. The old donation items are fun and nostalgic (hell, I have an Ancient Katana currently equipped and some Golden Laurels hanging around somewhere), but the more recent donation items/monthly collectibles have been far more useful to me in the long run.
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I love my Katana and all of the 2014 collectibles. I honestly look back on a lot of them and cringe but most of the newer ones have really gone up in pose creativity (like Adelpha's arm poses) and quality of pixels. heart

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