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What is your preferred/favorite type of Donation Item? Feel free to elaborate in a post in the thread as well.

Newer ones. 0.29166666666667 29.2% [ 14 ]
Older ones. 0.25 25.0% [ 12 ]
"Valuable" ones. 0.14583333333333 14.6% [ 7 ]
Animal base ones (exclusively). 0.083333333333333 8.3% [ 4 ]
Human base ones (exclusively). 0.22916666666667 22.9% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 48 ]
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I don't really have a favorite.
Maybe the penguin slippers. <3
the OMG or AFK would be a fav. but other than that i don't like them much.

My problem is once i have an item i get bored and sell it for a very low price... i have been here since 2003 (even though this is a new account) and i have owned most of the items and sold them off cheaply.... so i don't really like them much anymore
sokuja San
Asthmaboy II
I should be a donation item.

You'd be...quite interesting...

your katana looks like a black p***s sticking out of your avatar.
Kiki redface
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also, I like how you say to bump, but not to spam.

By spam I mean like, repeatedly saying that my mom should be a donation item, that kind of spam. Bumping isn't spamming, not in my opinion.

Psycho, you go ahead and play that you hate this thread, lets play I hate you.
I like the DJs. A lot of the newer ones look tacky. The poor man's version of the prior donation items.
lawl. Wrong forum.
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sokuja San
Jason K. 2.0

Discussion of Gaia's items goes in the Gaia Community Discussion Forum.

That makes sense, doesn't it?

Yes, it does.


...THis happens to be a "general discussion" of the best donation items on gaia. It makes sense...yes it does.

Yet another user who misunderstands the GD's purpose.

The GD is for topics that do not already have a best suited forum to be in.

For example, discussion of antique automobiles & restoring them may go in the GD, whereas a discussion on Megaman games is best suited in the Gaming Forum.

Now you know.

miniwings. Nobody wanted one when they came out, so if you get one now, you're filthy stinking rich. 3nodding
you can always see what they will bring out BTW... just go to a thread thats a price guild and look what came out in past years in that money... the DJ's and ports came out in 2003... and we get the angelic things... i'm not 100% about the gwee though... but look at past months... see similarities?
This is really a GCD thing... but whilst we're here, my favourites are the Nitemare Minis. They go with anything, and make any outfit look spiffy.
Gwee The Dragon, Kiki Kitty, Mochi the Puppy, Coco Kitty.
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Asthmaboy II
I should be a donation item.

Omgosh. Heck yes. And you could come in many, many poses. wink
Asthmaboy II
I should be a donation item.

I'd donate. wink

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