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I didn't even have to think twice before saying,
Gogh Reed.

So many poses that go with so many avis,
Yet it's less than 1mil!
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Masquerade has to be one of the most usable items imo. Also the item I'm most likely to double up on too.
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I'd say it entirely depends on your definition of "affordable." I think one of THE best items, for its current worth and pose count would have to be Gogh Reed. Granted it's a bit dated now, but it still has a very nice variety of poses- several eyes, a few wigs, animal companions and all in a rainbow of colors too (pun was not intended).

That's the first item that comes to mind, really.

Gogh reed and Zodiacal, and to an extent, Seracila pendant. I like these items because they have such a variety of items that would suit many different avatars, they're so versatile!

Gogh reed especially for those white backwings!
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Personally I use Zodiacal, Modus and Masquerade the most, but my favorite would be The Case of Pietro. I'm starting to collect outfits that would make use of all that blood. emotion_kirakira
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almost everything i can use as an "I Am" is a pose of a relatively cheap item, mostly from RIGs.
Almost all the avatars i make i use a pose of Dander and a pose of Longcat to eliminate myself from the box. From there, there's a limited number of things that show at all, almost everything that does is from items that have at least 4 poses; around 30% have over 10. In fact, the only single-pose items that work are backgrounds, and the Alchemized wings. (only the right wing for most of them, which is why it doesn't matter that they are exceptions to "relatively cheap" wink
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Best Bang for my buck still continues to be the reliable
multi-pose EIs of old.

First one being Masquerade....the eyeshadow poses always
enhances the bland Eye poses...and darkens the lids to give
it a more 3D look.

Case of Pietro and Zodiacal still remains one of the best gloves
out there for dudes who don't want to get stuck
with tight fisted hands.

And The Masterpieces as always....a substitute for the horrendously expensive White Body Dye. OvO

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