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They are AMAZING!!!
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My opinion is still the same: DO NOT WANT!
I'm not all baaah or whatever that I'll never get them. I'm not going to even insult people who do want them by saying they look terrible. I am, however, adamant in my opinion that vampires look stupid with backwings on them, like stake them and toss them out into the sunlight to put them out of their misery levels of stupid, and nothing is going to change that.
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I do like that they're multipose. I won't be using those, though. I might use Celestial colored angel ones.
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I...like them. I like the first and third poses. Too bad they'll be so hard to get
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The only wings I want are Azrael's wings ;w;
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I dunno, they seem really...paper-ish? I'm not sure
how to put it, but they don't seem worth all the trouble to make them.

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We actually got full-sized backwings? That's crazy! W-What are us Gaians going to cry for now?
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We actually got full-sized backwings? That's crazy! W-What are us Gaians going to cry for now?

Gaians are still crying for the backwings because of how insanely difficult they are to craft, so not a lot has changed on that front. The only difference is now Gaians have images of backwings to attach to their tears.
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I think they're awesome.

First Gaians complain about items they want
Now they complain about items they don't want.
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I think, given the workable area, that they came out fantastic. I'm more enthralled that they finally came out with the ******** things than I care about how "perfect" they look or don't look.

I probably won't use them ever anyhow, but I think it is a very fair job.
So....so majestic. >n<

While I preferred all of the petite wing stages from the other "wing evolutions", I actually found myself liking the final form of Beelzebub's Wings.

It's probably due to the fact that there are several different wing positions for this item instead of just a final form.
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I like them, not sure if any item is worth the amount of gold and time that these items require to create; however, I'm happy to see that gaia finally got around to making them and that they look pretty good.
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I expected them to have to sort of shinier style that a lot of the older items had as opposed to the sort of matte texture we have now. They look pretty good now. I don't lust after them crazily, but they look pretty good.
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ugly.....though that is just my point of view...with black feathers i think it would look more realistic..lol

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