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It all depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm brutally honest and sometimes I'm kawaii desu, nothing really to do with my avatar.

Though my current avatar is a yandere girl, so I think a brutally honest kawaii desu attitude is perfect. cool
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My avatar is already a reflection of my personality. It doesn't control my words, my words control it.
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I honestly pay way more attention to post content than avatars. I sometimes don't even really look at the avatar sweatdrop

But honestly, if someone has a "cute" personality and likes cute things, doesn't it just make sense that they'd be more likely to wear a cute avatar? I don't really get why that implies that they're putting on an act or anything.
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Sparkling Senshi

Do you do it sometimes?
Depends entirely on the threads content I am posting in.
If it is a sweet random thread in CB for hugs or something, yes.
If it is a heated debate, or some kind of argument.
Feeling my ******** wrath, then!

Do you find yourself seeing more or less people doing it?
Not really.
It's not something I pay a lot of attention to.
Some people I think, really just do type in a style that can come off as cutesy.
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Unless you're following the mood swings of this person and how it actually correlates with their avi choice, it could just be their personality and that happens to be why they have the avatar they have. Preferences and all. Or it could be a roleplay thing for them. It shouldn't really matter, but some types of characters can be grating and unpleasant to be around.

I usually have a wide range of avatar styles, but I always act the same way. I don't see a point in changing the way I speak to fit an avatar, or taking the time to develop a character out of it, since I'll just change the next day.
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I also have a very wide range of avatar styles. Basically I am an Elf that changes shapes. Hee hee

Lot of times I am reading a post, and I am reading it "with the voice" that I imagine the avatar having. In other words, a kind of personality of the avatar can be imagined when one can put it together like that.

Somebody mentioned mood and mood swings. I am guilty of that as well as personality swings.
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Noble Foe

No, I don't act like my avatar's appearance. And if in some way I do, that's purely coincidence. With some people it looks as if their behavior is carefully crafted through post decorations and, frankly, fake. But my first impression of someone is never set in stone.
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gaia_diamond gaia_diamond gaia_diamond yum_coldone emotion_bigheart
      ✦ doesnt affect me
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John Columbo
"Your perceptions will not shape reality, but simply color it."

I think this clip from Cromartie sums it up best:

I'm about to start watching this series now, that was hilariously insightful. x3
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Star Explorer

I think it happens with more than just cute or dark avis, but any type.

It's a bad stereotype but I agree it happens, for example, I automatically feel that people who pile on a ton of really expensive items, just come off extremely snobby and arrogant to me. I guess, despite who they may really be, that just the concept of them doing that in the first place, says something about who they are. They are proud of their riches and may feel superior when wearing them, so the vibe just surrounds them, I guess.

I tend to feel that people don't take me as seriously when my avatar is very girly or cute. Or people think I'm a mean b***h when my avi looks more masculine or angry.

It actually happens on other websites, too if you can have an icon next to your post of a picture. People with silly goofy ones you tend to think could be assclowns, while people with mean or stern looking ones, you get this kinda angry vibe from them.

Visuals are an important thing to the human mind, true or not.
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Not really. I just find it to be decorations.
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I've had people add me to their friend list because of my avatar's outfit. Because it's a Tsuna cosplay (but a non-canon outfit), they add me knowing I'm a KHR fan, but for some reason they think I'm also going to act like Tsuna just because my avatar looks similar to him. You would not believe how many bitchfits I've had to face when people see my actual personality. lol

On and also that fangirls that try to add me going "kyaaaa it's Tsuna-san plz marry me."
Yeah, uh, how about no? talk2hand
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I tend to dress my avi by my mood. If it's dark, I'm probably going to be somewhat bitchy, if it's cute, I'm probably on a sugar high or just hyper. Elegant or cosplay-ish, I'm in a good mood. Colorless or monotone, I'm probably depressed. Scarey/gorey....I should just log off. sweatdrop

I do tend to read the same values into other people's posts and avatar styles, even if I am way off base.
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i've seen what you mean on gaia but i've seen it
worse on other sites such as tumblr. there are
certain users that come to mind that use babytalk
constantly like "hellows thank chu for the followsies!!"

i hope that's not how they act all the time. . .
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"hellows thank chu for the followsies!!"

Ew. People actually talk like that?

Personally, I find my avatar reflects my mood more than my posting does.
If I'm in a weird mood, I have a weird avatar.

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