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Okay so you ever notice you go into a forum in CB or gd and someone who has a cutie avi automatically acts all qt. And uses the terms that most online cute people use (is there a term idk) . Or you see a person who's dressed all dark being all bitchy. It sometimes getss annoying but im not gunna lie I catch myself out of sheer Boredom doing it.
gaia_spoons do you do it sometimes
gaia_spoons do you find yourself seeing more or less people doing it

/threads not all pretty its aloong night

I tend to act myself most the time nice to a side of bitchiness if its needed

But I seem to see people do it quite alot more lately and all the avis look alike and have the same nametypes
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It may depend on a person's mood... or maybe there is an influence.

I know that it is weird how everytime I use the "I am" poses on the Drome Egg that I get into a certain weird mood and get all cranky and stuff. My attitude completely changes and I am mean. It happened not once, but twice before I noticed it and only because some other people complained about my attitude. It's like I "get into" the character of the prehistoric bird and the sense that it is a predator in a world when it's survival of the fittest. it kinda gets all up in my head.
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It could be a case of watching for expected behaviour and using it to justify the reason for having such an avatar.

If someone has a 'cute' avatar, one looks for 'cute' behaviour and when it happens, they say "Oh yep, look, see they're acting cute with a cute avi! I was right!"

Where expectation dictates perception. It's pretty common with people, actually.
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Another part of it could also be that when people see someone with a cute avatar, they expect the user's personality to reflect their avatar and are more likely to read that person's post in a "cute" way. The same goes with dark or gorey avatars.

Despite not acting any differently when I wear a cute or dark avatar, I have caught myself subconsciously reading other people's posts in light of what kind of avatar they have. Mostly this happens when I come across an ambiguous statement that could be read several different ways.
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"Your perceptions will not shape reality, but simply color it."

I think this clip from Cromartie sums it up best:
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Some people with cute avis can be really mean so I've learned long ago not to expect that appearances reflect behavior.

My avi might look like this but I'm nice to most people... if they're nice to me.
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nah lol
i've been around long enough to not judge a book by it's cover anywhere
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I don't know that I ever act cute.
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I'm cute, therefore everything little thing I do is cute!

I really hate it when people use the word "cute" when trying to fault ones behavior. It doesn't tell me anything other than the fact you use poor word choices
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So how the hell should I acting like then?

A lot of it is perception, if you perceive them to be cute you may read their posts in a cute tone. A lot of it may just be that that is how they really are, and their avatar just happens to reflect that. Most of the time though, I don't read a person just by their avatar alone.
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I have seen quite a few people that are in character with their avatars. If the avatar is cute, manly, whacky, elegant or pervy, they act according to their appearance. It gives a certain role play to people to act how their avatar looks. I believe since they get into character when on the internet or give a certain personality.
Of course I have seen other people that act in a way different to their looks which I believe is more normal on the site since everyone creates styles that can't quite place a tag on them.

It's most common to see during events that people act more like their avatar's looks, since it's a way to enjoy more the events. I do it for my avatar and mules to dress and act according to the event. It's fun to do it.
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I often change my Avatar based on my mood (not recently however), Maybe lots of people do the same thing.
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Sometimes, admittedly, I try to play on that expectation. Since my avatar is pretty dark and brooding. S-sometimes I'll put on the Tsundere act... B-b-but not because I like you or anything! B-baka!

So I'm one of the cases where someone actually is consciously trying to keep up an act. Though not a serious one, just sort of a short-lived joke? Admittedly for the most part I totally unintentionally fit in with the dark=bitchy stereotype.
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gaia_angelleft gaia_star

I think I act like "myself" the majority of the time, although sometimes a particular avatar or mood will make me add a slightly more cutesy tone to my posts. I don't know why it happens.

I catch myself doing it every now and then. It's bizarre. neutral

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