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I miss the old mouths. I was a huge supporter of them bringing it back. They even at one point said they would, but never did. I miss the dot mouth too!

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Edit: I miss the old eyes too

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Timid Rogue

I remember those days... when you had five different eyes and that was it, when you could just delete your avatar for free hair/eyes....

Ooh! Who else ghosted their avatars?
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I resaved my avi on my 03 account and lost mine :c Then I got my trading pass banned for like, years and made this account. I doubt people would remember me, my old user was K i m i c h i_xx lol.
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It won't let me change the mouth on mine now, must be something to do with the items I've got on. I remember when Gaia gave you a free item at Christmas and Easter, now you've got to spend hours on the site collecting bunnys' for 2 weeks (which i didn't do as its cheaper and more economical with time just to buy the item from the marketplace!)
Hmm I never noticed those things...
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I can't tell the difference between the two mouths.

I do remember that I would always set my mouth to nothing because the choices at the time sucked.
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I remember when I first joined, I would either have no mouth or have the small straight line mouth.
Later I acquired a taste for the tiny smile. c:
Dickie Twinkles
I swear there were less skin tones too until the revamp in 05/06 (whenever it was).

Am I just imagining it? I swear the darkest skin tone used to be lighter too.

            I think it was that the in-between skin tone didn't exist. (The one I'm using now)
            There was a lighter tone and then the really dark one.
Hello xd xd xd xd xd xd
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This account is a grombie over all the crap. I don't see that many grombies anymore.
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It is a rather... precious little mouth ninja
There are several changes available to apply on our avatar's now days
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When I first joined, the most expensive item you could get (not including cash items) were the Kimonos, and I just HAD to have one. XD

I really wish I hadn't sold my halo, they're near priceless now. :/
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Back in the old Gaia days....there weren't nearly as many of these threads. Man, I miss those days.

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