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which do you hate more?

furries 0.55172413793103 55.2% [ 64 ]
a socially accepted person 0.44827586206897 44.8% [ 52 ]
Total Votes:[ 116 ]
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I b*tch the b*tching. So I'm actually against b*tchers.

Woo said it 3 times.
The admins and developers are adults. And as adults, I would expect them to have grown some thick skin and learn when to leave kids with their whining and not take their silly complaining to heart.
I wonder if the admins sit in front of the computer screen with popcorn and laugh at all the people hating on the MC's. :3

That's what I'd do. XD;

But yeah, I agree with most people here - I also feel bitching and whining is extremely disrespectful to the artists and developers who work hard just to make users happy.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but people CAN sugarcoat it a bit. They can also actually give reasons as to why it doesn't appeal to them so the admins/artists/developers can actually have something to work with. They don't know what users want and what they're expecting if someone is just going to say "the MC's sucked big time this month".

I think when making opinions about the MC's, or any item/event update - A 'thank you' is needed, and if you really hate the items that much, at least throw in some constructive criticism and be polite about it. |:

But I guess considering this is the freakin internet and gaia is full of immature users who don't know how to appreciate others, that's all just wishful thinking. |:"
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Bitching is a part of a big site like this. :/
o__O There's always going to be bitching. Get over it. I think they will as well.
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If they haven't cracked after over four years, I don't think they're going to crack now. rofl

Though if the BS is recieved very poorly overall, that might drive them closer to the emo-cliff. x.x; We shall see.

I don't like seeing bitching, but, it happens everywhere else, so it's inevitable to happen here.
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um let us forget that we be humans as wel;l as gaians ... HUMANS b***h ABOUT EVERYTHIMG. so people bitching about people bitching doesnt really help lol its lke the saying the pot calling the kettle black ihtik everyone needs to get that bottle of prozac from the admins and take a chill pill ...except me if i took the mi'd be a drool monkey and thats never good
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Buh buh buuut... without bitching, where would we be? gonk

Seriously... the whiney complaints are a part of what goes into the next step in Gaia's evolution. It's democracy in action.... which, in truth, is very much about bitching.

Also, you can call people names and b***h back at teh internets and nobody knows a thing except for people in the room, cause you were yelling at your monitor.

Plus, nerf fights seem to imply they're not miserable and cranky cause a couple people thought the latest feature or item was "teh suck".
I don't know if I could work at Gaia. I tend to take criticism hard sometimes.

But I figure I can channel that into trying harder, which I think the Gaia team migt do as well.
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I believe a nuffsaid is in order D:
I believe a nuffsaid is in order D:
Holy s**t! Where'd that come from? rofl

And is your avi currently a naked chick reading a demon book? Good job man.
Hopefully, the admin have thick skin. I don't, and there have been angry rantings in the journal- remember the name changes, bad MCs and site changes all in a week? Fur flew in the GCD and I actually had to leave the computer.

Though, it is (sometimes) constructive criticism, not just 'u suk dong [item]', and the site will develop with it. I'm sure those who wanted glowsticks are happy.
Lawl, Lanzer's gonna make razor blades the next MC's.

No other item, just one razor blade per letter.

Razor Blade

Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels...
I think if the GCD stopped bitching, Gaia would Implode... Atleast tis better than the GD.

...his was the most human.
The entire staff of Gaia should be used to that by now. I am sure people bitched in 2003, and have continued to do it. They may look at the complaints to use for something else that is better, say an update to the site like a new game or other little features.

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