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Hey there GCD <3
We finally have a new RIG, and we all know what that means... new shiny items, new artwork, new characters, and a new list =P
so, help me out here, before you open your new RIG, remember to take the time to see how it works, remember what option you choose, and what item and from who you got it, remember to post all that <3
please post a link to the marketplace next to the item´s name, not only the name, not only the link, thank you =D

Important: Please remember that if you would like to buy, sell or trade for items from the new RIG use the Exchange to do so, all the off-topic/spam its going to be reported, go to the Hangout thread if you want to talk about anything that is not related to the Azrael's Trickbox or its items

Go and check: all the back poses for wigs/skins and I am poses can be found here.

-SDPlus Dolls

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SDPlus #6 Moira
User Image
SDPlus #22 Natasha
User Image
SDPlus #23 Devin
User Image
SDPlus #25 Liam
User Image
SDPlus #28 The Masque
User Image
SDPlus #37 Rosalie
User Image
SDPlus #48 Timmy
User Image
SDPlus #49 Dr. Singh
User Image
SDPlus #50 Flynn
User Image
SDPlus #51 Lance
User Image
SDPlus #117 Grown-up Timmy
User Image
SDPlus #149 Jack
User Image
SDPlus #197 Stein
User Image
SDPlus #200 Admin

-Halloween related

User Image
Purple Geist Black Candle
User Image
Orange Geist Black Candle
User Image
Green Geist Black Candle
User Image
Lucky the Cat
User Image
Pale Marionette
User Image
Cloak of the Dead
User Image
User Image
User Image
Dewy the Homicidal Ferret
User Image
User Image
Day of the Dead
User Image
George's Pipe
User Image
Plague Noir
User Image
Nightfall Soiree
User Image
Midnight Kei
User Image
Ted and Dusky

-Mythology related

User Image
Ballad of Orpheus
User Image
Charon's Vessel
User Image
Form of Arachna
User Image
Valhalla's Eternal Armor


User Image
Raging Night Jewel
User Image
Frigid Night Jewel
User Image
Anurla's Amulet
User Image
Grandiose Imports


Vivian Sea
The Puzzles
Here are the answer to each Trickbox' puzzle.

- Picture of the box
- Series of numbers --- the number represent which box you have to click each time you have a set of box in front of you. (Example: 2-3-2... You'll have to click the 2nd one, than the 3rd one, than again the 2nd one for the box to open)

The steps to open the boxes aren't random, but the items inside are. But from experience with the box and seeing people posting what they've got from each box, I can assume what kind of item you'll get from each box.

Vivi´s (the Schlechter one XDU) notes: the system works like this, you buy the Trickbox, it gives you randomly one of the boxes, thats the random part, this is not a level RIG, its a click and see one =P

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Cheap items

User Image
Average items

User Image
Random Valuable items

and evolve if you're lucky in

User Image
No number, Shake the box
If you're lucky... Really good items

-Other Lists

User Image ~ User Image ~ User Image ~ User Image ~ User Image ~ User Image ~ User Image ~ User Image ~ User Image

User Image
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So it has begun...

I love how V IS THE RIG ITEM LIST GIRL. (She so needs a title over her name...)
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Wow you are a quick cookie~ 4laugh
Time to start lurking here~.
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Quick as usual. This RIG has me excited! heart
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;D Devin doll! Thanks for being so fast Viv!
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Vermillion Spirit

I'm so excited for these items!
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I'm not exactly sure which steps I took, but I ended up with a George's Pipe. Let me find the link
lol There you are. As quick as that was, people were already waiting on you. XD
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Well that was really fast! :'D Can't wait to see all the items~ Thanks!
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Wow, it's barely even started and I already want the "Pale Marionette".

Your threads are always so quick and well organized.

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