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Aekea Scarface

Y'all know about the new announcement with the no more naming games and stuff. Well, while I was browsing through the GCD, I saw a bunch of complaining about it. I never thought people would complain about not being able to name their game rooms. So, GCD,


~What things about your fellow Gaians surprise you the most?
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Never underestimate users and their power of complaining. This sort of behavior doesn't surprise me at all. XP

Plus, I guess more people care about this more than I do. Can't doubt that.
I don't think that's really awkward... Just unexpected or surprising. o_O

Nothing surprises me on Gaia anymore~
i know! that sucks! sad
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Every time something on Gaia is changed, people will b***h. It will be the absolute worst thing Gaia has EVER DONE, the worst thing Gaia COULD EVER DO, and it is SO IMPORTANT and SUCH A BIG DEAL.

... Then they change something else and it starts all over again.

That's life on Gaia.

I'm used to it.

I'm just waiting for the announcement "Hey, the Gaia avatar bases are a bit outdated, so we're 'fixing' them."
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That's the way Gaia is most of the time, one little thing gets added on or changed and the complaining commences...
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people complain about everything. even if the admins release the perfect item/organize the perfect event/implement the perfect policy, someone will inevitably b***h about how it's not good enough. it's too easy, it's too hard, it's not flawed enough, blah blah blah...
Yay! You spelled "Y'all" correctly! You win! Go Texas.

Now, There are so many people on Gaia. someone is bound to care. rolleyes
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    There are ways around it though.

    Make a Gaian called "IWANTSTOCYBERPLZ" and you're in. domokun
I don't find it a big deal at all. People just want to complain. <//3
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Aekea Scarface

Yay! You spelled "Y'all" correctly! You win! Go Texas.

Now, There are so many people on Gaia. someone is bound to care. rolleyes
talk2hand Louisiana.

I find it funny how they could change the smallest thing like "We decided to get rid of one of the bushes in Barton Town." and people would go
"WHAT?! I LOVED THAT BUSH! We had something special! DAMN YOU ADMINS! mad " xd

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