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After a three year hiatus, I've decided to come back to Gaia because I needed something less boring than farmville to do when I got bored. I tried logging onto one of my old accounts and it took me to a ticket, asking for me to fill it out with an alt, which I begrudgingly made (thought I've grown attached to this account now). I filled it out for two old accounts and I've been patiently playing Booty Grab and collecting bugs while I wait for a response. But while I'm willing to wait for a couple of weeks, I've stumbled across several Topics where people complain of tickets regarding reactivation remaining in Open status for months to a year. This kinda worries me.

The Question:
I was curious what, based on your guys' own experiences, is the average wait time for a response? (I've already gotten the first, thanking me for filing a ticket, and letting me know to expect a second message within the next 14 days)

I do plan on closing two of my three old accounts (I found another, but am unable to file a ticket right now for it) I just want to get any items either traded to the one left or thrown into the Dumpster Dive. Any help is very appreciated.
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I had one of my mules unlocked in December after I came back from a long hiatus. It was the end of the month when I filed so even with the holidays it took about one and a half to two weeks.

Best of luck!

I recently had this and another account re-opened after a three year hiatus from this site... they opened the accounts the day after I made the tickets, for both my accunts (I made separate tickets for my accounts though)
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I'd say it should only take a month & no longer- they review your account over & over until it seems legit & its approved, unless it's an obvious 'no questions asked' - BUT if it's been more than a month & your ticket doesn't say 'being reviewed' or whatever & it still remains open, pm a mod- & in my personal opinion, dont bother closing your accounts, just abandon them; Or if you do close your accounts, don't list a reason why bc I've closed an account before & it almost caused me to not be unbanned when I was wrongfully banned
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I filed a ticket a month ago to reopen an old account from when I ragequitted Gaia. It still says "work in progress" today...
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I see people inquiring about their tickets in Ask the Admin and that usually seems to garner a response from one of the staff, so if you're willing to stick around on a Monday evening, that might help expedite the process.
It's probably a different branch of mods, but when I got hacked, I had everything put right within 3-4 days of filing my report. So I want to say they are usually on the ball but..like I said, might be different folks. Also I'm not sure what kind of info they ask for when filing that kind of ticket, but the more info you can provide for account verification, the faster it seems to go.
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Probably just lost in the paperwork, go to a help board and bug the admins to look into it.
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I've had a ticked open for over a month now, for an issue with items stored in my house-- its still marked as open. Who knows! Maybe next month.
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My sisters account got banned in november (along with my main and mule since we used the same computer) and though I heard back from gaia pretty quickly, she has not yet gotten a reply. Her ticket has been in Open status since November...

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