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hahahaha.... I went opposite: from married lady with a job to a single mom just going to community college crying
though I kinda like my life better now, Gaia through the years has been nice to have around <3

addicted to cute s**t
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OT: WHEN DID YOU BECOME A FORUM ASSISTANT?! holy crap! congrats biggrin

That's what I was wonderin'

"There is nothing to fear when you have nothing to lose."
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I went from weaboo desu desu desu to someone who actually understands this planet and is way to smart for my age.
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I first joined Gaia very early on when I just started college-- around 2004-2005 sometime.
But it was too glitchy & I gave up trying to start up my avi.
Then I tried it out again in my later college years, around 2008, & found that I loved it.
Most of the big glitches had been worked out by then. Gaia took my mind off the school stress.

At this time, I've been out of school for a few years & I'm engaged.
I'm very far from being so stressed out like I was before & I'm enjoying life more than ever.
Gaia has been with me through a long journey. I'm really thankful for that! User Image
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I joined in 2007 when I was 16 and I'd just started college, been through a rough time with my mum dying and I became pretty damn emo.
5 years on I'm currently 20, graduating from University very soon and waiting to hop on the job ladder.

Things have happened, friends have come and gone, but Gaia has always been there in the background as my little internet home.
I've gone from being an emo kid to an introverted nerd. At least I no longer have dreams of going to Japan and being a Mangaka. Thank god I got over that stage pretty quickly. emotion_facepalm
I'm happier now, I don't spend as much money on Gaia as I did do but I still enjoy the site.
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Oh God. When I joined Gaia I was nothing short of a socially awkward teen. I was going through that awkward 'emo' phase that a lot of teens go through, so you can imagine how annoying I was back then.
Now I'm nearing 18 and a lot of that has changed. Sure, I'm still socially awkward, but I'm a lot more happier in myself. And instead of being an annoying 'emo' brat, I'm sort of snarky, nerdy and actually tolerable. rofl
Also, I 'came out the closet' to my family two weeks ago. Considering when I joined I didn't realise I was gay, it shows my progression over the 4/5 years.

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I went from a 11 year old to a 18 going on 19 year old, SO much has happened its not even funny...
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I joined when I was 18. I used to spend 6 hours, now I only have 2 hours for Gaia ever since I started working.
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I went from a weird, shy teenager to a weird shy young adult. Not much has changed. XD
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First of all, congratulations! heart

I was already in my twentyish when I started hanging out here but yes, during those years I've graduated, moved to another country and got children. I've also left gaia for years just to find my way back here again.
But it's still mainly same stuff I'm doing here, dressing up my avatar and answering to interesting topics. What has changed is that all my old friends from here are gone and it is bit more lonely to hang out here.
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Congrats 9Os!

I first came to Gaia in 2005, and then got banned for using a refresher. sweatdrop After quitting Gaia when I went into High School for about 4 years I came back in 2009 as I was going into college.

And just so everyone knows, I abide by rules now. gonk
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Joined in 2010 as an angsty heartbroken college student at the age of 20 with practically almost no friends and no job.

Now I'm 22, still a bit angsty, still in college and unemployed. But I'm currently taken by the most wonderful woman in the world, whom I met on here.

Guess the only thing that changed is a 2 year gap and hooking up with someone?

OP: Congrats on the wedding!
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I discovered Gaia when I was a 13 year old volunteer at the Red Cross (a lot more boring than it sounds) I don't even really remember what I was like back then.
I think I was obsessed with X-Files and thought I was going to be Tarja.
9 years later I'm in college, have a son, a fiance... Still love the X-Files. LOL
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I was a cheerful middle schooler when I joined Gaia and now I'm a semi-cheerful almost college student. (I'm attending in the fall.)
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I was.....underage when I joined.
Late middleschooler,
and a very lonely, angsty, jaded one at that.
(limp bizkit anyone?)

Thankfully i'm a much more cultured individual 5 1/2 years latter.
About to graduate highschool.
Still somewhat of a loner,
but at least now I have friends that I can enjoy being around,
and talk to about normal, non angsty-filled things.
I'm still a very jaded creature though,
or perhaps cynical is a better word.

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