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Mine would have to be my Fallen Wish. It was an items that my group of RL friends all wanted for ourselves, but we could never afford it. My brother was the first to get it, and we all wanted one of our own!
Last year, my brother moved out of state. (He's just doing some working stuff. He'll be back next year, and I'm so excited!!) Where he was going he doesn't have much time for the Internet other than mailing letters home telling about what he's doing, so before he left, he gave me the Fallen Wish for safe keeping!
I'll probably give it back to him when he's back, but it'll always have a special place in my heart!
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Jolly Hat - Given to me by a friend when I first started on Gaia. I love wearing it around Christmas. heart

Sword of Aegis and Sun Staff- They were the first Monthy Collectible items I ever got. I bought them with GOLD rather than actually making a donation. sweatdrop I was so proud!
They aren't worth anything really.

Daisy's Sunny Dress - It's been my 'trademark' item for years.

Angelic Parasol - Used to have this equipped all the time. I almost got rid of it but I couldn't do it. Wouldn't have sold for much anyways. emotion_awesome
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My Onei the Unicorn. Yeah it's not as expensive as Jada or the SD plus doll, but I just loooove the hairstyle!

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There was a lot of symbolic reasoning as to why I decided to (part time) quest something so unobtainable by so many, and eventually things lined up and I got the little fella', so the little fuzzball is actually a large part of why I still log onto Gaia at all.
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Olly the Otter
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I have a lil attachment to Dewy the Homicidal Ferret. I got it a year or so ago and I can't bring myself to sell it. It's ******** cute in the weirdest way emotion_awesome
Baby Seal Slippers and Chyaku Norisu Scarf,I'll never sell those. cool
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Id say I have a slight attachement to my SPICE THE PUMPKITTEN

I love him so much heart
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I discovered it in tektek and I actually discovered tektek before Gaia xD
I was so obsessed with this item and it's been my first "expensive" item ever, I bought it for 50k in the MP back on 2009.
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I'm pretty emotionally attached to most of my items. redface but the ones that I am most attached to? my coco kitty, and wind security blanket. back when I was still very new on gaia, I mentioned in a thread somewhere that those were two items that I felt were far out of my reach (at they time they were). Someone anonymously gifted them both to me, I was extremely touched by that. to this day they are two of my favorite and treasured items.
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I'm pretty emotionally invested in a lot of my invo actually sweatdrop

But if I really had to give away most of my items, the ones that I'd never give away is three items from a deceased friend, the snowflake, and two blue roses. And beyond that I'd keep my pixie, the first MC I loved and had to buy with my own gold.
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I'm emotionally attached to Bogie. I bought it because I have a cat IRL since 3rd grade who is big and black and so super loving. I wanted to have something to always commemorate her with so I bought a Bogie, and that is the one thing that will for sure never leave my account, whee
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Sword of Aegis. It was a donation from way back when I first joined. Im not as old as the 03’ers, so I would have to say this was in '06 or '07.
It was from my first friend on Gaia, we don't talk anymore, I think he left a long time ago, but I keep the sword in my Invo for the memories.

I also have teo Elegant Veil's as they were my first quest items. I wanted two because there was nothing like the lavender color like them on the site, and even back then I was matchy-matchy!

Man, 120K was hard to raise back then. [/nostalgia]

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