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Throughout my 03-13 span on gaia I've never truly been emotionally attached to any item--with the exception of the dancer's bottom. I've gone through so many accounts over the past years but I've always transferred the item dancer's bottom. It was initially gifted by an now inactive friend due to my need for it in 05 and I've never let it go from then on (they need a good wash it's been about 8-9 years LOL). I also had a pair of bunny luv for years till that account was banned (heavy sigh).

Are you emotionally attached by any Gaia item? Why and how did you get it?
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Muscular Sentai

I still have my Angelbow even though I don't use it anymore because it's the first Monthly Collectible that I quested for on Gaia. xD
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I am the embodiment of fear and evil

My OMG. It's probably my fifth or sixth over the years and I quested for it back in 2011. As soon as it was bought, I made the command decision that it wasn't going to leave my account again. I don't know why exactly I have such a love for the item, but it has even extended to RL. I have an actual real life OMG in my room right now. Unfortunately I don't wear it much because the earpieces of my glasses dig into the sides of my head when I wear it.

I also have a love for skirts and have ever since the jean skirts were first unisexed. It comes from liking to dress Shrimpie like a pretty pretty princess. lol

of the House of Demonic Dreams
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Chained wallet. I bought it when it was 9k and that was when 9k was super hard to raise for a newbie like myself. Chain wallet was the first expensive item I ever owned. If it didn't layer like crap with the crimson marionette I'd still be wearing it on my avatar.

Angelic pendant. I mispriced something in the MP back when the MP was new and bitched about it in Q&F and some nice samaritan gifted me the angelic pendant. I can't remember which item I mispriced but the angelic pendant was worth about the same at the time.

DJ studio headphones.
I don't actually own this item but damnit I'm emotionally invested. I joined in 2004 and even then the items were hard to get. I quested them on and off for a while, but by 2006 I believe I realized it was futile and gave up. Still, I had a friend with DJs who would let me borrow them occasionally. I'd ghost them on my avatar when that was a thing. Then one day some mod decided to be out ot get me and reset my avatar several times out of spite. I had to file a report about it.
Now I realize DJs would look stupid on my avatar and since my avatar has become a longstanding character with a huge bio, 300+ arts and a book, not even counting that I've been on this site for ~10 years, ~8 of which with a permanent avatar... I've just wanted DJs for so long that it would feel weird to NOT still want them.
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I don't really have any. I guess any item I've purchased is something I cherish sentimentally, because I know I worked my a** off for all the items I have.
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Definitely. I have items I haven't removed from my avatar since 04 and a few from 06. Mostly, they are my demonic-themed items.
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I still love my Golden Laurels on my old main account. It was the first, and in fact only, item quest I earnestly tried for and completed. I've accumulated plenty of expensive items since then, but those were hard-earned.

I've thought about bringing them over, but it goes so well with the 03 sash that I've left it on that avatar as a dedication to my history on that account.
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This Orchid Kimono I have on.

It's the first item I quested and the first item that anyone ever gave me. It was waaaay back in '04 so 10k was a hell of a lot of gold back then. I will never ever sell it. Sadly everyone from back then stopped going on Gaia but this item reminds me of all the good times we had... and how badly I typed!! Hahaha!
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" Target acquired. "

              »»» My Crow dolls, and my Chain Wallet.
              I bought them both from the marketplace, since I was not here in time for the release of the wallet and have horrible luck with the SDPlus doll boxes.

              Admittedly neither of the Crow dolls were very expensive, but I could not care less. They are worth more to me than any other item on this site.

" Shutting down. "
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Smitten Pumpkin

CoCo was my first-ever quest. heart Seven years ago, and he was going for around 20k (it seemed like so much). I'm attached to all of my kitty items. I'd have to say the same for the dead doll skin from Superior Form.
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I am totally attached to Lady Luck, Wendy's Care, Hollywood Starlet, Sainte Ciel: Agape, Sainte Ciel, Storge, and the Rosamunds items. They mean so much to me... and I often wear them with any outfit.
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When I first came to Gaia, I opened a Coffee Shop. One Xmas, all employees chipped in to get me an engraved bracelet. The item itself is not valuable, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world.
Also, a pair of emo glasses that a famous gaian gave me after quitting the site, many years ago.
The complex jacket my brother gave me...

I dunno, I think the list is long and for some reason, it makes me sad. So I'll stop now.
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Celestial Wrap
I still have my very first monthly collectible that I bought, 15k was hard to come by those days! Oh the trees and rocks I shaked to buy that beautiful scarf pose.

Another item I am very attached to is my Mini Nitemare Wings. I just completed my 6 year long quest for these puppies so they are full of sentimental value!
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My Kallida Kumiho. User Image

If I could only keep one item and there was no gold value added to said item, it would definitely be Kallida. The hair is so beautiful and I rarely take it off. (Except during the rare occasions like right now.^^; ) It's that one item that I was so proud of owning when I first got it.^^ I have always wanted to see a sdplus doll based off of it but I don't think it will ever happen. My second choice would be Ultra Satan. I love that pink little fur ball!!
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My baby seal slippers. When I began Gaia, one of the first items I quested for were these. As the time, they were already 30,000 gold, which was a fortune to someone who hadn't worried about gaining gold before. I was constantly bumping up my quest thread and trying to get as much gold as I could on my own. One kind Gaia soul was looking through threads for someone who wanted them and donated the slippers to me. I really don't ever see myself selling them, as it was the first major act of kindness that I had seen from the Gaian community. It's been one of the driving factors in my Gaian life, as well, to help fund others through the same means. I don't believe this Gaian is still around the site, but I do hope they realize what an impact they made upon me.

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