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This is a hipster discussion about how Virtual Piggy items are like the new DIs.

1) They come out once a month for that month only
2) You get them for putting money into Gaia but this time via Virtual Piggy instead of a straight 'donation'
3) They have only 1 pose
4) The pose tends to be ugly although there are a gem or two thrown into the pot now and then
5) They are unlikely to be re-released since it's a sponsor type of item. This doesn't mean it can't be re-released, just unlikely since I've never seen a free limited-time cash item re-released before, especially if those freebies were connected to sponsors.

gaia_spoons Are VPIs the new DIs?
gaia_spoons Will this trend make you want to spend money on Gaia through VP if it turns out these items are collectible in the way that they might never be re-released?
gaia_spoons Would you collect VPIs if they turn out to be like old school DIs in all but name? Why/why not?
gaia_spoons Inb4 you bought VPIs before it was cool
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Devoted Loiterer

sure seems that way
Caffeinated Moose's avatar

Demonic Hunter

Gross. i didnt like them anyway.
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Pierced Werewolf

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They are kind of a throwback to classic Donation Items.
I only managed to get VP working once or twice.
I ended up getting the Banded Cap which I sold and the Pristine Cuffs which I kept.
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Adored Darling

It's more like the new AutoCash things. Like those Dominique items.
Geezus, if they replace MCs with though horrendous-looking items, I don't think I'd like Gaia anymore.
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Salty Punching Bag

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Is there a list of those things?
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...nobody is buying the virtual piggy items, they'er just a bonus for buying cash, so... they're nothing like MCs...
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Magical Girl

People might be more keen if you didn't have to go through a horrible 3rd party and the items didn't look like crap.
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Super Noob

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Hahahah no thank you.
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Benevolent Genius

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I see what you mean. I thought the same thing when I saw the announcements.

I think they need more pig ones. I like the pig items that came out, so far. I think they were the free ones. It's weird that the free ones look better than the paid ones.
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Diamond Cache
Is there a list of those things?
The only ones I've seen are the t-shirt and ball cap, both of which are kind of cute.

They should have a little pig wearing a virtual piggy shirt and/or hat. That would be a cute item.
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Ice-Cold Knight

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ewww... gross...
i will never feel the same about them... D:
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Animal Animal

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The best Virtual Piggy item is the free shirt they gave. I really dig it.
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Pylea P's Husband

Manly Girl

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Virtual piggy items are ok.
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Feral Elder

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I don't think so

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