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I love the gold shops, though!
I use the gold shops, but I do think it's hard to find stuff that are up to the same quality as Gaia Cash items, but that's kinda obvious. You're gonna have to pay more for better. That being said, I've seen lots of people with the new peachy Angelic Scarf, so I do think there's a place for a more expensive gold shop. Have the gold shops that have items starting at a few hundred, the crenier shop that has items 1mil+, we're just missing a shop that has GOOD gold shop items for 100k+. People will always be hesistant to buy gold shop items over chance items because there is no chance to increase, but, make something people WANT and they will surely buy it. smile
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Give the items in the gold shop more poses and I'd be all over them. I do appreciate them putting the MC recolors in the GS versus the GCS though.
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Are you kidding me, I bought like 20k worth of gold items in the last update (and then some)! We need MOAR GS updates
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People do wear them. Not in the GCD, but hit the CB. CB is all goldshop.

Why? Because the GCD attracts folks with money.
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I have no idea what you mean, I love the GS items!
I would hope that we continue to get updates in the shops so that I can go sink more of my gold into them :3
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Baja uses commons. Just not right now. :3

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