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Purple stuff emotion_kirakira

A little more seriously, I posted a few ideas some days ago of things I'd like to see.
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More shoes! emotion_dowant
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I want to see some tattoos damn it!!!!

Boots, shoes. Leg things. That are not mods.

As for colors... Orange. Orange. Maybe Orange? Let's not forget the animal items. We need more of those if they really want everyone to use the animal bases. You have to give us more than just what we start with and then keep all the good stuff for GC.
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I'd like to see more animal based items.
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oh man easter items would be lovely 4laugh i want a food update in rinas shop regardless what we get though c: i LOVE HER FOOD ITEMS HEH;;;

aside from that i want some oversized items, cus i feel like not only are those easy to make but they're always appareciated X3 oversized: sweaters, hoodies, food, utensils, tools, hats, jewelry, idk anything ; v; huge is good <3.

what else >< uhh i just kind of hope there's no salon update because then there will be minimal other things ; u;
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More shoes! emotion_dowant

Any kind in particular?
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More shoes! emotion_dowant

Any kind in particular?

More heels and boots without having super tiny feet would be awesome 3nodding
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GS [Animal] hair.
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Of course I want a hairstyle update. I just wanted to find more hairs to go with my Attitude Alleycat extenstions.
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More heels, boots and skirts emotion_bigheart
I feel like we get more dresses than we do skirts
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I would like to see more rain coats, umbrellas and some more high heel boots. Now for the animal bases I would like to see sunhats, umbrellas and some more jackets. So in short, something like a casual rainy day theme with some brown and green items.
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Pfft, was there even a march update?
Steins shop does NOT count, that was users ideas not the artists.
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Pleated mini skirts in multiple colors. emotion_kirakira Like the Simple ones.
I would also like more shorts and sandals. 3nodding
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More items with a flat finish in the GS
maybe some noses in skin tyte
hula hoops can we pls get some freaking hula hoops
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Hair in salon preferably more high quality.

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