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Destroy ALL OF THE THINGS! 0.26086956521739 26.1% [ 114 ]
Look at all the cute ornaments! 0.36155606407323 36.2% [ 158 ]
What's up with all of the 2k11 items? 0.17848970251716 17.8% [ 78 ]
S'okay 0.19908466819222 19.9% [ 87 ]
Total Votes:[ 437 ]
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Devoted Man-Lover

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Anyone knows how long will the event last?
Cause I still need to destroy some toys to get my achievement and I'm going to bed soon, haha. XD
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Partying Fatcat

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I can't seem to click on the bomb, It says something about an "Invalid Key"
maggie iratus's avatar

Smitten Kitten

Mr Pantiess
I can't seem to click on the bomb, It says something about an "Invalid Key"

Seems to be a site wide issue at the moment.
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Thieving Admirer

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Probably, there's a new grant in the process.
This is like the one where where I really love all the christmas items. They are actually easy to use in non christmas outfits / with other items. I remember the year where everything was this pale blue that matched NOTHING and still to this day matches NOTHING. The items this year are great. biggrin
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Tricky Powerhouse

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We are not getting the bomb as a item I believe. Makes me kinda sad, I wanted that bomb..
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Tipsy Man-Lover

Nothing happened.... I thought the bomb was going to explode.
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Devoted Soldier

I really wish we could keep the text post style. At least the death one.
We could use some more of those.
Valac the genie's avatar


Still keep checking the wingshop every few hours hoping to see it update eventually with some winteryish items.
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Invisible Gaian

The Drunken Jester
Nothing happened.... I thought the bomb was going to explode.

Me too, maybe it'll explode on New Years and we'll get a bomb item.
MCs Christmas Mule's avatar

Apocalyptic Reindeer

I'm rather loving the snowglobe item the most, despite how cute the apocalypse ponies are (shame they're not separated!). I'm loving this change-of-background thing that happens with certain backgrounds (though slightly saddened that it took me this long to try them out for myself), and I've got what I hope will turn out to be a cool avi lined up to correspond with certain achievement words.
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Hygienic Lunatic

gaia will probably do something hilarious new years day whee
I was surprised to see that Edmund is back in his store, and that we can still carol. Maybe something about the bomb really will be revealed; I hope so.
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The event/landing page started to work again. Don't forget to collect today's wing sticker!
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Sometimes christmas tree are grey or nomal green razz dont tell me HE IS A BOMB or something.

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