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What do you think of the event?

Destroy ALL OF THE THINGS! 0.26086956521739 26.1% [ 114 ]
Look at all the cute ornaments! 0.36155606407323 36.2% [ 158 ]
What's up with all of the 2k11 items? 0.17848970251716 17.8% [ 78 ]
S'okay 0.19908466819222 19.9% [ 87 ]
Total Votes:[ 437 ]
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Fashionable Vegetarian

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The Drunken Jester
The item didn't show up in my inventory...

Might be a minor glitch, since it just came out.
Have you tried clicking on the little item icon again? If so, did it say the "error, already granted' thing?

Nope. No error message. :-/
Maraschinos's avatar

Magical Senshi

Maybe it'll blow up gaia, then for another event, we'll need to rebuild it.
Amy Storm's avatar

Magnetic Lunatic

I think the bomb is cute, and I love the apocalypse event-ness. It is going to be difficult to disappoint me with an apocalypse event. Wonder when the rest of it will show up...
Secksy Panda's avatar

Sparkly Fairy

I'm always for more titles.
I read the last word wrong. sweatdrop redface

Yes more titles.

Should be an interesting event. Wonder what other items we'll get out of this. Stockpile of canned goods? Giant sporks of impending doom?
yay! new items biggrin
Deathflight's avatar

Hallowed Prophet

I finally got rid of my old zurg hat and here I am with another one. XD

I have a feeling the items will kind of go along with conspiracy-theorist esque items. As in, every day, we receive an item that illustrates one conspiracy theory. I may be wrong, but I think it'd be pretty neat if they crossed that with a holiday theme.
cubchoo's avatar

Romantic Millionaire

Maybe we'll get big jugs of water. People always go and buy all the bottled water and stuff from the stores when they think the world is gonna end.
Spyrite's avatar

Attacking Spirit

When I logged on, seeing the bomb made me laugh. Haha. Hopefully is a fun event. I would love to have the bomb as an item. It's very cute.
Destrius's avatar


The real question is, are the items going to be used for alchemy again.
iMutt's avatar

Shameless Lover

Oh I'm liking this so far emotion_dowant

I'll be stockpiling food, weapons, gas masks and language books if anyone needs me ninja
Poison_The_Well's avatar

Hardcore Smoker

where the hell are my daily wing stickers for this event?
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In a relationship with The Mysterious Meili

Mewling Nymph

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I hope this year's event is fun.

You know, as fun as an apocalypse can be...
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Feral Fatcat

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That time bomb is so freaking cute emotion_drool
Gamine's avatar

Tricky Treasure

I just hope all the event items wind up being cheap on the MP, I'm usually too busy this time of year to be able to log on every day sweatdrop
Daltar's avatar

Muscular Bear

Exotic Tea
That time bomb is so freaking cute emotion_drool
Would be nice if it's an actually item.
Free grant or crafted by alchemy, it must be mine.

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